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Redmi 10X Series officially unveiled: first Dimensity 820 SoC phone with up to 33W fast charge

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MIUI 12 global version is official: Discover all the new features!

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Top 5 Best Chinese Phones for Under $500 – May 2020

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oneplus 2 review

OnePlus have announced that the invite rollout for the OnePlus 2 has deliberately been slowed down. This comes straight after the 2-3 week delay.

Xiaomi’s ‘more mini than mini’ Mi WiFi Nano router costs a mere $12 (in China) and can run off of a power bank! And it also sits in the palm of your hand.

The upcoming Doogee F5 aka the Turing phone alternative is set to launch in the coming weeks. Keep reading to know about the new fingerprint sensor on it!

no1 s3 smartwatch

Chinese phone makers are invested in building affordable wearables, but most seem very similar which helps the No.1 S3 standout from the crowd.

oneplus 2 review

The OnePlus 2 might have only been on sale for a few days but already we are seeing price cuts on the “2016 Flagship”.

siswoo r9 darkmoon

Siswoo are showing their commitment to the international phone market by taking part at IFA in Berlin next month.

letv le 1 pro

LeTV are doing everything right in my mind. They have launched 3 great phones, they are selling phones without iffy marketing tactics and I have just experienced the best customer service so far.

xiaomi redmi note 2

The Xioami Redmi Note 2 was unveiled today and what a surprising phone it has turned out to be! To follow on from our launch coverage today, here are some real photos of Xiaomi’s latest (and greatest?).

xiaomi redmi note 2 size

The rumours can now all stop! Xiaomi have just announced the launch of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, and yes it is running the powerful Mediatek Helio X10 chipset.

huawei mate s

Huawei have sent out invitations for their IFA launch at the same time naming their latest flagship the Huawei Mate S.

oneplus 2 camera samples daylight

Since receiving the OnePlus 2 a few days ago I have been using the device daily and captured a fair few photos to share with you. Let’s see just how good the 13 mega-pixel OnePlus 2 camera really is.

The latest of the UMi Zero 2 updates from the company point to an optional (faux?) leather rear that the phone will have. More info inside!

elephone m2 smartphone

Another upcoming release from Elephone. The Elephone M2 will be a designer phone aimed at business uses or those wanting a little more flash for their cash.

blackview alife p1 pro google cardboard

Blackview are shipping their latest Blackview Alife P1 Pro mobile phone in packaging that has been pre-converted to Google Cardboard goggles.

bluboo xtouch

Bluboo say that they have come to the best solution for screen protection by using a suspended sapphire glass panel on the all new Bluboo XTouch.

16gb oneplus 2

Getting hold of a OnePlus 2 is proving much easier this year compared to when the OPO launched. Resellers are so organised that now the cheaper 16GB OnePlus 2 is also available alongside the 64GB version.

ulefone power

Today we received some photos of the upcoming Ulefone Power a phone alleged to sport a 6200mAh battery. Though full specs haven’t been revealed we can see that the Ulefone Power is something quite special.

The Huawei made Nexus phone is now one step closer to launch. Details of that, along with the smaller LG manufactured Nexus have just broken out.

The upcoming Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 has leaked in an array of hands on pictures, giving us a glimpse of what’s to come tomorrow!

Huawei has sent out teasers pointing at a new and ‘unique’ phone that the company will launch on the 2nd of September at this years IFA conference.