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HydrogenOS 11 is official – OnePlus 6 and above will get this update

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How to Remove Facebook’s Bloatware from OnePlus Smartphones

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Beware!!! OnePlus phones now have Facebook bloatware

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Our sources at Neo have confirmed that the Neo N003 will in fact be a 1080 HD phone and will go on sale from just $144 very soon!

Are you planning to buy the JiaYu G4? Then this is the ultimate resource for you! Everything we know about the JiaYu G4 and all your questions answered!

Another great Chinese Android phone has landed on my desk. The 5.7-inch Zopo ZP950+ is Zopo’s large screen MT6589 phone and we have one on …

The Small Bee 2 has it all! A large screen, quad-core processor, good camera, low-price and even 3D! But would you buy it?

Have you ever left your phone on a table with you mates when visiting the bathroom only to discover them browsing your private gallery, running …

If you read our earlier post about Samsung’s super huge 5.9-inch phablet and it has wetted your appetite you might want to mark March 11th …

Neo have taken some time away from their flagship N003 to announce a new entry-level phone named the Neo T001 which looks a lot like a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini clone!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launch date is fast approaching and as you would expect leaks are cropping up more frequently as the days tick down. …

JiaYu’s upcoming Android smartphones are never shy from appearing in from of the camera, and latest JiaYu G4 photos show the working phone is ready for action and a possible launch!

Newman entered the Chinese smartphone market last year with 2 flagship phones, the Newman N1 and Newman N2, now as 2013 moves along talk of the improved Newman N3 has surfaced.

Regardless of your preference to smartphone screen sizing, manufacturers are under the impression we all want bigger panels. Samsung, the originators of big screen phones are rumoured to be going bigger than ever with a new 5.9-inch phone launching later this year!

Samsung are to wade in to the ultra-cheap smartphone market with two new Galaxy phones name the Samsung Note Neo!

Rumours that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will support eye and head tracking have cropped up on numerous occasions, but this is our first ounce of …

What a great day! The sun is shining and a new phone shaped package containing a quad-core Hero H7500+, has just arrived on my desk. …

Beidou’s rumoured Big Cola 2 is now expected to arrive in both premium and youth versions with pricing starting at $160.

The iOcean X7 Youth version has stayed on course and pre-sales for this extraordinary 5-inch 1080 phone began today at 12:00 China time.

More JiaYu G4 photos emerge hinting that the next generation 4.7-inch 720HD phone is close to launch.

Neo haven’t yet fully decided to launch the Neo N003 in 5-inch 1080 or 5.3-inch 720! Have your say here in our poll!

Did you read our post earlier today about the Samsung Galaxy S4 renders and absolutely hate the design? Then you are in luck as they have been proven to be fake!

White goods maker Hisense have an all new 5-inch OGS, quad-core smartphone prepared to launch later this month at just $160!