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The Marvelous Vivo V30 Pro: A Camera Enthusiast’s Delight

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Xiaomi 14 Ultra vs 13 Ultra: Uncovering the Key Differences

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Unveiling the Differences: Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs Galaxy S23 Ultra

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Elephone’s camera-centric P8 smartphone just got more photography focused with the addition of a software shortcut that’ll allow you to start the camera app with …

Elephone are feeling brave today and went ahead comparing the camera performance of their latest Elephone P8 Mini with one of the most well regarded …

Elephone P8 Mini

As some of you may know, the P8 series from Elephone enlists lots of what we generally call camera-centric phones. With that we mean they usually …

Ulefone have been working on optimizing the camera software on their latest Ulefone Power 2, so today we have a first look at how the camera …

MGCOOL Explorer Pro

The latest MGCOOL Explorer Pro action camera from the Chinese accessories maker MGCOOL has been hyped a lot by the company for possibly bringing 4K recording …

Blackview A9 Pro

The latest affordable dual-camera phone from Blackview is finally on the market. So Blackview decided to show how the A9 Pro’s camera performs and then compared it …

Elephone P8

The Elephone machinery is in full force trying to promote their heap of the new phones from their 2017 plan and among the “coming soon” …

meizu e2

Meizu’s newest smartphone, the Meizu E2 will launch on the 26th April and looks set to feature a never seen before design feature.

Xiaomi has unveiled its newest offering on the action camera market under Mijia: a panaromic camera that shoots stills in 7K. Read to find out more.

meizu m5s review

A quick Meizu M5S mini review with details about charging, performance and camera samples.

Elephone Play X

Elephone’s — iPhone7 Plus-esque — Play X is getting closer to the official launch. The phone is said to challenge your imagination with its dual …

Ulefone Gemini

Ulefone shows us in a video all the processes the Ulefone Gemini goes through on their metal back cover. Let’s have a look!

Ulefone Gemini

Ulefone will add some features to their OS that will allow you to customize the navigation bar and have some more smart functions.

Ulefone Gemini

Ulefone Gemini is the first model of this well known chinese brand that is presenting the camera and its performance as the main selling point …

nubia z11 hands on review

As I’ll be publishing the full review of the Nubia Z11 later this week, I thought I’d start the week off with a post of photo samples.

Elephone S7 PIP Mode

The Elephone S7 features PIP mode for taking photos, do already know what that is? If not then come have a look right here!


The UMi Z gets two new camera features that allows to snap photos without touching the screen. How do they work? Enter to find out.

YI has been pretty successful, going from small company to GoPro competitors in a very short time. Now, they’re looking to continue this with their new 4K+.

The MGCOOL Cam 360 comes with a dual fisheye lens setup to achieve a better 360 panoramic video. But how does it work?

CubeCam Wearable Camera

The CubeCam Wearable Camera is a tiny portable camera to livestream from anywhere to Facebook or Youtube. Would it make it as a Christmas gift?