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TECNO Spark 20 Pro 5G Review: A Solid Entry-Level Contender

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The Marvelous Vivo V30 Pro: A Camera Enthusiast’s Delight

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Xiaomi 14 Ultra vs 13 Ultra: Uncovering the Key Differences

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Today we have received some sample pics directly from Ulefone and according to their statement, these should be the real output ones from the Ulefone …

Seems like we have today also the video from the other side of the barricade and after the comparison piece with Ulefone Vienna and UMI …

Chinese manufacturers Ulefone and UMI are for sure eternal rivals and their constant bickering is a well known thing. Popular weapon in the company battle …

yi 4k camera

If you are after a sports action camera with 4K video capabilities that will knock the Hero 4 out of the water then take advantage of this great pre-sale offer.

sharp aquos zate

Huawei arenā€™t the only ones teaming up with a camera maker to boost sales, Sharp are also giving it a go with a helping hand from Ricoh.

yi 4k action camera

Compared to the original Xiao Yi Camera, the new 4K model sees quite a price increase, but the device does ship with better hardware than the most advanced GoPro cameras.

Seems like Elephone is planning to expand their action camera portfolio and the Elephone Ele Explorer and Explorer Ele Pro are getting new sibling with …

The UMI Super new “sub brand” lineup is more or less a public secret now and we are quite curious if it really turns out …

elephone elecam 360

360 video, or VR video, is becoming more mainstream and Chinese brands have been early to jump on board, but it is surprising to see Elephone in the mix.

Homtom HT10

Homtom has just released another piece of specs description for their upcoming flagship model Homtom HT10 and this time it’s the cameras. Details are pretty …

Xiaomi have announced yet another smart home product, in the form of a new camera that rotates 360-degrees and features night vision. More details inside!

umi touch ota

While the phone itself might have been taken its sweet time to launch, OTAā€™s for the UMi Touch have been rolling out in good time.

Ulefone Vienna

Comparisons against the titans of the industry like Samsung or Apple is a common feat of the chinese phone makers and Ulefone is not an …

Those of you who have an Elephone P9000 will be happy to know that Elephone are working on an update that should improve quality.

huawei p9 photo samples

The Huawei P9’s dual 12 mega-pixel rear camera set-up has been used to take some stunning teaser photos in the run up to the phones launch take a look!

xiaomi mi5 photo sample

At the Xiaomi Mi5 launch, the company made a big song and dance about the 4 axis OIS, 16 mega-pixel rear camera. So how does the camera perform in the real world?

oppo r9+ tenna leak

With Oppo’s rebranding to be known as the maker of ‘camera phones’ it is not surprising that the upcoming Oppo R9 will have a few photography tricks up its sleeve.

huawei p9 leica

These latest leaked photos show us the best view of the dual camera Huawei P9 so far which could be the first phone to use dual lenses from Leica.

elephone m3

Elephone, not a company known for making superior camera phones, have released sample photos taken with their Elephone M3. Check them out.

gizchina fresh goods friday 1

In a new feature we are calling Fresh Goods Friday (shamelessly borrowed from Singletrackworld) we plan to post an update of all the latest goodies we have in the office waiting for review.