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I’ve seen some really ugly Shanzhai phones this year, but this F117 Stealth Fighter inspired phone really has been beaten on with the ugly stick.

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We’ve heard some bold claims over the years, but a mobile phone that can withstand the power of an earthquake!? That’s got to be right …

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You may have been under the impression that the Shanzhai brigade only copy or clone foreigner companies wares, but that isn’t so. As we can …

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This pair of sports branded phones have probably never seen the inside of a Nike or Adidas factory, they probably haven’t even met a Nike …

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Last I heard the Spiderman franchise was dead, caput, no more! And after 3 rather long and boring movies featuring the weedy Toby Maguire as …

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An iPhone clone that looks a lot like the Phone Gizmodo claim to be the next gen iPhone 4G!!

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