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The iPhone X will be one of the main headlines in the coming months, be it due to the results of sales, success among users, …

This is huge guys, anyway you look at it! The Korean company unveiled today their massive display, equipped with impressive technical features that will… surely …

Latest out of the rumor mill: Google is willing to invest 1 trillion KRW in LG display for incorporating curved OLED panels in the next Pixel.

OLED screen

Samsung and Apple will reportedly use up about 70 percent of the global OLED display panels produced this year leaving other manufacturers to battle it out.

If you’re still looking for a cheap Christmas gift then this might interest you. You can now buy the MGCOOL Band 2 for just $9.99!

xiaomi mi4c review

Xiaomi is said to be working on switching from LCD to OLED displays for its forthcoming phones. Keep reading for the details.

A white version of the 5.6mm Umeox X5 has been spotted with rumours of an August launch date.

Another Umeox X5 GizChina exclusive! We have the full specifications of this 5.6mm Android phone along with more high-quality leaked photos!

Qualcomm have been talking about their Mirasol display for years, and now it finally looks ready to launch, at least in some applications.

Still no sign of new Samsung phones at CES, but they are announcing (and showing off) plenty of great mobile technology such as the Youm Flexible OLED display.

More rumors have surfaced regarding the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 5. The latest wishful thinking comes in the form of an 8 mega-pixel camera, …