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Hi, Robin Maxwell here! Mobile technology is my passions, and while I've been known to dabble with iOS devices I'm a firm Android convert, currently waiting for the Oppo Find 5 to launch!!

Oppo’s bezel-less phone, Is it really narrower than a standard phone with bezels?

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oppo bezel-less phone hands on

Once again we see Oppo’s bezel-less phone, but now we have had a good look does a bezel-less phone really make a narrower phone?

Ulefone tell us more about the Be Touch, fingerprint scanner, and more

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ulefone betouch

Thanks to models such as ulefone Be Pro and ulefone Be One, Ulefone Be Pure , Ulefone Be X . previous year was very successful for Ulefone Mobile and they not going to stop. In May, 2015 Ulefone are planning to release a new flagship with high-end specs.

Elephone port CyanogenMod 12.1 to Mediatek phone

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CyanogenMod 12.1 makes its way on to Mediatek powered phones in this video posted by phone maker elephone.

Oppo R7 render shows metal body at a claimed 4.85mm thick

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oppo r7

That bezel-free Oppo phone we have seen so often over the past weeks has appeared once again showing the back panel in a render.

Blackview should be expecting a call from GoPro’s lawyers with their new action camera range

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blackview hero action camera

The success of GoPro has seen Chinese brands enter the action camera market, from SJCAM to Xiaomi and now Blackview.

Xiaomi Mi4i rumoured to cost as little as $161!

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xiaomi mi4 review

Xiaomi’s mystery Mi4i has been sighted on numerous occasions with today’s latest news suggestion that the Mi4 variant could cost as little as $161!

Mediatek wants to break 70,000 on Antutu with the Helio X20 10 core

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mediatek helio x20

When Mediatek first announced it would make an 8-core chip, Qualcomm made a video mocking only to turn around and build octacore chips themselves. What’s going to be the response to the Helio X20 10 core?

Meizu announced limited edition Beyerdynamic MX4 Pro

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meizu beyerdynamic

As scheduled, Meicu have made an announcement today about a new set of headphones made in partnership with German audio specialists Beyerdynamic.

DaKele 3 “Sapphire Screen” phone goes on sale in China

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dakele 3 launched

Dakele are one of those brands that always seem to be around but never actually launch anything, however today they did finally get around to releasing the Dakele 3 for sale in China in limited numbers.

Unlikely renders of the Vivo Xplay 5S published

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vivo xplay 5s

Ok so we don’t feel these images show the real Vivo Xplay 5S but from following the brand false leaks mean that the real thing is on the way.

A heavily disguised Huawei P8 shows up ahead of launch

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huawei p8

The Huawei P8 is coming that’s for sure, and with only 7 days until the launch in London another spy photo of the flagship has been released.

Nubia Z9 leaked shows near bezel-less design

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nubia z9 leaked

After Weibo posts from Nubia bosses that the Nubia Z9 will launch with a borderless design yesterday, we had our doubts at what “borderless” actually meant. If these leaks are any indication then “almost borderless” would be a better description.

Xiaomi MiBand now has a leather strap option

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xiaomi mi band leather

The Xiaomi MiBand is a basic, yet very useable little wearable, but it’s not really the type of thing you can wear at a dinner date or a meeting, or is it?

Rumour: 3 new Mlais products coming this month

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mlais m7

Our sources believe that the Mlais M7 isn’t the only launch Mlais have planned for this month and that there could be in fact 3 new products coming very soon.

Dingding Iron 2 wants to smash nuts!

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dingding iron 2

Dingding have made a short video and sent over some details of their new DingDing Iron 2 model featuring nut smashing power!

More details and images of the Bluboo X550 released

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bluboo x550

If Bluboo have peaked your interest with their new Bluboo X550 model then take a look at the latest details.

Yotaphone shows up at TENAA, heading to China soon

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yotaphone tenaa

The dual screen Yotaphone has appeared at the TENAA database running TD-LTE especially for use on China Mobile.

Hisense, Haier and Asus all launching Rockchip powered Chromebooks

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hisense chromebook

Chinese chip maker Rockchip have found some powerful partners in Haier, Hisense and Asus who have chosen the RK3288 SoC to power their new Chromebooks.

Xiaomi launch their own smart scales

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xiaomi smart scales

Xiaomi continue their drive in to peoples daily lives with a new connected smart scale to monitor your weight via connected apps.

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro and MiTV 3 could come at the end of the month!

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xiaomi mi note pro

Back in January Xiaomi announced its latest flagship the Mi Note along with the Mi Note Pro, the former device packing 4GB RAM and going on sale soon!