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Hi, Robin Maxwell here! Mobile technology is my passions, and while I've been known to dabble with iOS devices I'm a firm Android convert, currently waiting for the Oppo Find 5 to launch!!

Could this be the iPad Pro, leaked video shows large screen Apple tablet

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ipad pro leaked

Purported leaked images of an Apple iPad Pro have been shared along with details of a quad speaker arrangement and stylus.

UMi might have been picked up by TCL

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tcl umi

For those of you with a keen eye you will already have seen the similarity between the UMi eMax and certain TCL models, well the cooperation might run a little deeper.

Leagoo Elite 1 launched, here are the full flagship specs

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Leagoo have just sent over a PR telling us all about their new Leagoo Elite 1 flagship phone boasting fingerint scanner, dual 13 mega-pixel cameras and all the other usual bells and whistles.

IFA 2015: Hisense Magic Mirror tablet gets Retina display and narrow bezels

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hisense magic mirror tablet

The latest tablet from Hisense is the Hisense Magic Mirror with 8.4-inch Retina display, Rockchips CPU and ultrathin bezels.

$145 Eachine Racer 250 FPV Drone is a sky high bargain

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eachine racer 250

Quadcopters and drones come in all shapes and sizes. From pocket sized toys, to huge aerial photography units. The Eachine Racer 250 is neither, it is a lightweight, agile and extremely fast racer.

Spy photo: Is this the 2K, 3D screen PPTV smartphone?

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pptv phone render

Next week PPTV will be unveiling their first ever Android smartphone, but a 5 day wait isn’t needed to see what the phone will look like once launched.

Purported leaked Meizu ME5 chassis as standard USB and new headphone jack location

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meizu me5

Just hours ago we heard news that Meizu might launch a $785 Meizu ME5, and now a purported spy photo of the chassis has shown up online!

Rumours say Meizu ME5 flagship could cost $785

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Meizu MX5 (20)

Meizu switched up their game with new low pricing and a larger product range. News today states that the Zhuhai phone maker is about about to make a huge gamble on their next device.

UMi Fair will cost just $99 with fingerprint scanner

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umi fair fingerpting phone

UMi have a new surprise up their sleeve! A new budget phone launching this month named the UMi Fair retailing at only $99.

5.5-inch Oukitel U7 will be just $49.99 on Wednesday

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oukitel u7

If you are considering a 2nd device with larger display, the Oukitel U7 will go on special sale on Wednesday for just $49.99.

Xiaomi begins to tease possible dual boot Mi Pad 2

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xiaomi tablet

Leaks this weekend pointed at the possibility of a dual boot tablet from Xiaomi, now teasers for the Mi Pad 2 could be heading down the same road.

Xiaomi Mi4C packaging tells of SD808 but no SD card

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xiaomi mi4c packaging

Xiaomi are batting down the hatches and digging in for the long haul. The once exciting brand to watch is now playing it safe by launching more and more variants on a familiar theme. The Xiaomi Mi4C is a great example of this.

Blackview Alife P1 Pro WIFI signal strength looks good in this video test

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blackview Alife p1 pro wifi test

Blackview have posted a video comparing the WIFI signal strength of the Xiaomi Mi4, Samsung Note 4 and the Alife P1 Pro.

Doogee say phone makers should stop copying the iPhone and ‘diversify’

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doogee f5

Doogee aren’t a company known for their most inspirational designs, but they would like to change that and say others should too by not copying the iPhone 6.

Budget Doogee X5 will start from only $49.99

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doogee x5

Doogee X5 coming in 4 models and various UV protected colours from $49.99.

First real photos show rugged IP67 Blackview BV5000

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blackview bv5000

Blackview are hoping to be your number one choice when venturing out in to the wilderness with a new rugged device called the Blackview BV5000.

Lenovo Vibe S1 looks to adopt a dual selfie camera design

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We have seen a couple of phones with dual rear camera designs, but the Lenovo Vibe S1 could be the first to boasts a dual front camera set up.

More Huawei Mate S photos leaked

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huawei mate s

Huawei are having real trouble containing the upcoming Huawei Mate S as more photos of the alloy alloy device are published ahead of launch.

Blackview demo Flyme on the Blackview Alife P1 Pro

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blackview alife p1 pro google cardboard

After releasing source code for some of their phones and showing CyanogenMod running on the Blackview Crown, Blackview now demo Flyme on the Alife P1 Pro.

Are these the hardware specifications for the Meizu MX5 Pro?

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meizu mx5 pro plus

The Meizu MX5 Pro has become a little bit of a will they? won’t they? rumour. We’re still not clear if the phone will eventually exist but if it does launch this could be the hardware specification.