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Hi, Robin Maxwell here! Mobile technology is my passions, and while I've been known to dabble with iOS devices I'm a firm Android convert, currently waiting for the Oppo Find 5 to launch!!

KingSing T8, a $99 Xiaomi Mi4 clone coming to an international reseller near you

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kingsing T8

We are seriously loosing count of the number of companies using the Xiaomi Mi4 as inspiration for their new smartphones, but however many it is here is another name to add to the list.

Leadercore show off LC1860 LTE phone, could be based on the next Xiaomi

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leadcore xiaomi phone

Anyone following Xiaomi’s latests moves will have seen that the phone maker have invested in Chinese SoC producer Leadcore who will likely supply processors for Xiaomi’s new phones, and one could have been shown off already!

UMi Zero available in limited number from tomorrow

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umi zero 1000

Tomorrow UMi will release a limted quantity of UMi Zero smartphones to international customers with immediate shipping for $199.99.

Malata S520, a Meizu MX4 clone with 1.5Ghz 64bit processor!

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malata meizu clone

Mediatek’s 64bit processors are giving smaller phone makers a boost to help them tackle main phone makers, even if they are producing clones.

Suspected iOcean MT6752 spotted with rear touch panel

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iocean mt6752

iOcean are slated to release a 64bit MT6752 phone, named the MT675, this month! Here is another suspected leaked photo!


Vivo X5 Max meets Oppo R5 and iPhone 4

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vivo x5 max oppo r5 2

Vivo launched their slender X5 Max today, and those who have the phone early have already posted images comparing the 4.75mm phone to other smartphones.

The Kolina K100+ is possibly the best $170 phone you can buy outside of China

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Not everyone needs or has access to 4G LTE networks but still require a powerful smartphone with nice design. For those people here is the Kolina K100+.

Xiaomi to release Mi3 source code in Q1 2015, along with 2 new devices

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miui v6

Ok so the Xiaomi Mi3 isn’t the flagship phone in the Xiaomi range, but there are still plenty of fans out there who can’t wait to get hold of the source code early next year.

OnePlus Two coming Q2 or Q3 of 2015

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oneplus one sandstone 64gb review

On the day of launching the OnePlus One in India, OPO talk about their plans for the OnePlus Two.

New Zopo teaser continues down the camera-centric road with first glimpse of new device

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zopo camera phone

Zopo’s latest smartphone has been teased again, with a new image on their social network once again hinting at a camera-centric device.

Xiaomi launching 50,000 Redmi Note in India, at the same time OnePlus launch

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redmi note

OnePlus are officially entering the Indian market tomorrow, but at least 50,000 possible fans are going to be looking else where.

Another slim Oppo is heading to market, the Oppo R8207

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oppo r8207

While the rest of the world get tied up in Black Friday fever, the folks at the TENAA offices are still testing Chinese phones for launch, and that’s where the Oppo R8207 has just been spotted.

Black Friday deals will see %50 of Chinese phones at Coolicool

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black friday coolicool

Black Friday is knocking on our door, which can mean only one thing! Some great deals on Chinese phones, tech and accessories.

Hugo Barra says Xiaomi are big fans for Android One

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hugo barra xiaomi

Android One has gained many many fans, but one of their highest profile fans must be Hugo Barra and the Xiaomi team.

Zopo to release camera centric device in December

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zopo new camera phone

Struggling Chinese phone maker Zopo have revealed that they have one final product launch to announce in December, will it be enough to win back fans?

iOcean tease new phone, possibly the new iOcean X9

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iocean x9 1

iOcean post photos of a new mystery phone on their Facebook page, a possible new flagship named the iOcean X9.

Vivo X5 Max confirmed to have 3.5mm headphone jack

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vivo x5 max

Strange that a standard component for any smartphone is making headlines but the way the shift to thin phone continues that’s exactly what’s happening!

Meizu MX4 Pro spotted in clearest leaked photos to date!

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meizu mx4 pro leaked

6 Days and counting until the Meizu MX4 Pro is finally unveiled and we simply cannot wait to see if the hype was all worth it. In fact some Pro testers cannot wait and have already posted leaked hands on photos of the phone.

The iMacwear smartwatch wants to replace your Android phone

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iMacWear m7 2

iMacwear is a new company focussing on wearable devices, and hope to replace your phone with the release of their iMacwear M7 watch.

OnePlus One available right now for $360 with free case and film

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oneplus one review

The invites are over, the presales are here, but the wait to get your hands on a OnePlus One remains, unless you go for one of the Chinese OPO offers available.