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Hi, Robin Maxwell here! Mobile technology is my passions, and while I've been known to dabble with iOS devices I'm a firm Android convert, currently waiting for the Oppo Find 5 to launch!!

Stainless steel Zeblaze Crystal smartwatch will cost just $64.99

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zeblaze crystal

Zeblaze have released more details and pricing information for their Zeblaze Crystal smartwatch.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 specs revealed, could launch August 16th

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xiaomi redmi note 2

It looks like August 16th is the date and Beijing is the place where we will see the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, so what about the details? Keep reading for more.

Blackview phone concept boasts touch screen fingerprint scanner, 2K display and MT6797

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blackview concept

If the OnePlus 2 was a bit of a disappointment then turn your attention to the latest from China, in particular this unamed smartphone beast from Blackview.

Doogee using the same factory as OnePlus for wooden covers

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doogee f3 bamboo

While a OnePlus bamboo cover costs $50, the Complete Doogee F3 with wooden rear made at the same factory costs only $160!

UMi Zero 2 will see highly improved camera tech

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umi zero 2

The 2nd generation UMi Zero has been teased again telling fans to expect “the best Camera”, what this means is anyones guess.

Doogee F3 uses Ultra Clear Glass and dual 2.5D panels

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doogee f3

For Doogee to make a flagship that we are excited about is pretty special, and they have managed it with a lot of thinking outside the box like the use of glass designed for fish tanks.

This is the Snapdragon powered Elephone Trunk

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elephone trunk

Elephone have put together a short intro video showing off the first phone from their new sub brand.

Meizu rumoured to scrap plans for the Meizu MX5 Pro

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meizu mx4 pro review

If you are a worried Meizu MX4 Pro owner who expects their phone to be replaced with a new model then don’t. The Pro range of Meizu phones has been scrapped (which is actually worrying in other reasons).

Zeblaze Rover smartwatch gets killer price cut, and stylish Zeblaze Crystal announced

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zeblaze crystal

The wearable revolution continues with 2 styles smartwatches from wearable specialists Zeblaze.

Blackview Alife P1 Pro will cost just $99.99 in flash sale

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blackview alife pro

In a bid to grab a new wave of customers, Blackview are offering their newest phone release in a flash sale for only $99.99.

Doogee F2015 will launch in September as the Doogee F5

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doogee f5

If you have been looking for the detail of the Doogee F2015 then you might want to change your search criteria as the phone will now be named the Doogee F5 at launch.

Xiaomi team up with Uber for exclusive Mi Note delivery

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xiaomi mi note uber

Xiaomi have teamed up with Uber to offer Uber users the option to preorder the Mi Note and have it delivered directly to their location.

Leaked photos show the next-gen ZTE V5 with alloy body and fingerprint scanner

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zte v5 fingerprint

Leaked photos show an all new, all alloy version for the ZTE V5 range of phones.

UMi eMax now available with 20% discount on Amazon

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umi emax amazon

While it is getting more and more simple to buy a Chinese phone, it is nice to see manufacturers teaming up with brand name sellers just as UMi have done with Amazon. UMi seem to be going from strength to strength with plenty of new phones already on sale, updates on the way and a […]

Oukitel A28 smartwatch coming 6th July

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oukitel a28 smartwatch

Love the style of the Apple iWatch but still want to keep loyal to Android? Then the Oukitel A28 smartwatch mixes the Apple style with the flexibility of Android and iOS.

Bluboo X550 open sales begin

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bluboo x550

Waiting to get a large battery device with fast charging? Well the Bluboo X550 is now in stock and available in open sales.

Oukitel announce the Black Bull range, phones with huge batteries, slim bodys and long run times

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oukitel blackbull phones

Oukitel are certainly making their mark on the Chinese smartphone world with a range of well made phones and their upcoming 10,000mAh battery phone. Now it is revealed that the company have released a new “Black Bull” range of devices all packing large batteries.

More images of the 10,000mAh Oukitel K10000 phone leaked

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More leaked photos this time of the actual device show the 10,000mAh Oukitel K10000, plus we have a few specification details to go along with them too.

This Meizu powerbank probably won’t launch today

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meizu powerbank

Later today Meizu are expected to launch the Meizu MX5 and possibly the Meizu m2, but not this powerbank which Le Nan informed fans won’t be released today.

Oukitel U8 boasts top spec and build for just $129.99 with free shipping!

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OUKITEL U8 (Universe Tap)

While Oukitel grab headlines with the upcoming Oukitel U9 and Oukitel 10,000mAh battery phone, it is their Oukitel U8 which is holding the torch for the brand and doing so at a new low cost.