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Hi, Robin Maxwell here! Mobile technology is my passions, and while I've been known to dabble with iOS devices I'm a firm Android convert, currently waiting for the Oppo Find 5 to launch!!

Oukitel A28 smartwatch coming 6th July

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oukitel a28 smartwatch

Love the style of the Apple iWatch but still want to keep loyal to Android? Then the Oukitel A28 smartwatch mixes the Apple style with the flexibility of Android and iOS.

Bluboo X550 open sales begin

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bluboo x550

Waiting to get a large battery device with fast charging? Well the Bluboo X550 is now in stock and available in open sales.

Oukitel announce the Black Bull range, phones with huge batteries, slim bodys and long run times

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oukitel blackbull phones

Oukitel are certainly making their mark on the Chinese smartphone world with a range of well made phones and their upcoming 10,000mAh battery phone. Now it is revealed that the company have released a new “Black Bull” range of devices all packing large batteries.

More images of the 10,000mAh Oukitel K10000 phone leaked

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More leaked photos this time of the actual device show the 10,000mAh Oukitel K10000, plus we have a few specification details to go along with them too.

This Meizu powerbank probably won’t launch today

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meizu powerbank

Later today Meizu are expected to launch the Meizu MX5 and possibly the Meizu m2, but not this powerbank which Le Nan informed fans won’t be released today.

Oukitel U8 boasts top spec and build for just $129.99 with free shipping!

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OUKITEL U8 (Universe Tap)

While Oukitel grab headlines with the upcoming Oukitel U9 and Oukitel 10,000mAh battery phone, it is their Oukitel U8 which is holding the torch for the brand and doing so at a new low cost.

Xiaomi Mi Note now from only 1999 Yuan in China

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xiaomi mi note

When the flagship Mi Note launched at 2499 Yuan some customers were upset, but those who held out for a price drop will be laughing all the way to the bank today.

Bluboo X550 battery monster available for $129.99 for a limited time

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bluboo x550

The Bluboo X550 battery monster is up for pre-order now, and those of you fast enough can get the device for just $129.99 rather than the full RRP of $159.99.

Axon smartphones with ZTE connection heading to U.S

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axon smartphone

Axon aren’t a brand we expect you to be familiar with but be sure that you will see the name more often as the phone maker plans to bring its phone to the U.S.

Real photos of the Oukitel U9 surface

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Oukitel’s newest phone has been shown off in real hands on photos giving us the first clear look at the 5.5-inch FHD device.

$65 No.1 Sun S2 smartwatch gets unboxed

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no1 s2 sun smartwatch

When Chinese phone maker No.1 aren’t making clones of other companies phones they like to make smartwatches. Here is their latest No.1 Sun S2 in an unboxing video.

Meizu branded ‘mCharge’ fast charging will be a feature of the MX5

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meizu mx5

A couple of leaked images this morning show the Meizu MX5 along with details of a fast charging technology Meizu are calling mCharge.

This is the huge quick charger that comes with the Bluboo X550

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bluboo x550 charger

Bluboo show the difference between their huge quick charger for the Bluboo X550 and a regular phone charger.

360 and Lenovo backed ZUK Z1 will boast Cyanogen, large battery and fingerprint scanner

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lenovo zuk z1

What’s this? A Chinese start up with big ambitions has announced a flagship phone for later this year with Cyanogen? Sounds like De Ja Vu!

Green Orange N2 gets 5 x optical zoom

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green orange n2

Cult favourites Green Orange have let TENAA reveal details of the new Green Orange N2 boasting 5 x optical zoom!

Oukitel confirm JDI, 2.5D display on the Oukitel U9

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oukitel u9 2.5D Curved Glass

Oukitel, recently in the headlines for their new smartwatch, are back with details concerning their flagship smartphone the Oukitel U9.

Elephone want to attract more devs, will release 5.1 source code for P8000

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ELEPHONE p8000 specifications

Elephone are hoping to attract a larger audience of developers by releasing the source code for the Elephone P8000.

Ulefone Be Touch 2 “Snap Up Event” Begins in 5 hours until 1st July

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ulefone be touch 2

Ulefone are offering their Be Touch 2 at a discounted price through various resellers. If you’re interested be quick as the offer begins in just 5 hours.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 could launch on June 29th

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redmi note 2 screenshot

Lei Jun has posted a screenshot on Weibo from an upcoming Note device that will launch in China on the 29th June.

Doogee’s 6000mAh S6000 Xiaomi Mi Note clone getting 2GB RAM upgrade

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doogee s6000

We’re not sure what has come over Doogee recently, but their newest phones are starting to actually seem like good value. Are Doogee finally being generous with their phone specifications?