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Hi, Robin Maxwell here! Mobile technology is my passions, and while I've been known to dabble with iOS devices I'm a firm Android convert, currently waiting for the Oppo Find 5 to launch!!

Compact Huawei Mate 7 could turn up at MWC not P8

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huawei mate 7 compact

MWC is getting closer and there is a lot of discussion as to who will launch what. Huawei, if rumours are to be believed, will launch a compact version of the Huawei Mate 7.

Coolpad’s next IVVI could become the world’s thinnest phone

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coolpad ivvi

Coolpad might be taking on the world’s thinnest title with a new phone from their IVVI sub brand.

UMi release UMi Zero 3.05 update

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umi zero update

UMi have released the 2nd update for their UMi Zero smartphone. Version 3.05 is available now, here is how to download and install it on your phone.

Update: THL 2015 heading to MWC with fingerprint scanner and 64bit chip

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thl 2015 banner

THL have had a long hiatus from the limelight but they hope to capture our attention once again with the release of the new THL 2015 at MWC this year.

Purported Oppo Find 9 spy photos surface

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oppo find 9

Around this time last year Oppo Find 7 leaks were beginning to surface a year on the Oppo Find 9 leaks are right on time!

White UMi Zero spied in Shenzhen subway station

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white umi zero

A white UMi Zero has been once again spotted, this time undergoing testing in Shenzhen.

Take a pinch of salt: Meizu rumoured to be working with Nokia on new MX4 model

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meizu MX4 review

Chinese news sites are reporting that Meizu are rumoured to be working with Nokia on a new international version of the Meizu MX4 named the “Supreme”.

Purported Huawei Kirin 950, Snapdragon 820 details revealed

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Chinese analysts have hit Weibo today with breaking news of Huawei’s and Qualcomm’s next generation processors.

Buy the OnePlus One with no invite on the 20th Jan

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oneplus new year

If you have still not managed to luck out and get your hands on the OnePlus One then the 20th January will be your next chance.

Xiaomi to launch gaming product 20th Jan?

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xiaomi gaming

After the release of the Mi Note, Mi Headphone, and Mi Box Mini, you would think that Xiaomi would take a timeout, but no! Another product has now been hinted for a 20th Januruay launch!

Elephone gives the P3000 a quad-core 64bit update

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elephone p3000 design

Elephone have sprung another update on their P3000 model which now comes with the option of 64bit MT6732 processor.

Online reseller leaks photos of ZTE Blade S6, iPhone 6 wannabe

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zte blade s6

The ZTE Blade S6 will go on sale soon, and is ZTE’s crack at making money with an iPhone 6 clone. For any of you wanting to know what the resulting product looks like you only need to see these leaked photos.

Xiaomi Mi Headphones announced to complement Mi Note Audio hardware

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xiaomi mi headphones

One of the new features for the Xiaomi Mi Note is the improved audio thanks to a dedicated DAC processor, and what better way to hear the benefits than through Xiaomi own headphones.

Here’s the Sandstone rear panel of the Ulefone Be Pro

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ulefone be pro

Here are the first official photos of the Sandstone rear panel that Ulefone will be offering on their Be Pro 64bit flagship.

No.1 announced second rugged phone and first with Qualcomm chip

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no1 xmen 2

Following their Xmen rugged phone, No.1 have announced another shockproof and waterproof phone with 4G LTE, the N0. X2.

Check the look of shock when Xiaomi staff meet their new flagship

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xiaomi flagship

We have just over 48 hours until Xiaomi release their new flagship smartphone, but some lucky Xiaomi office workers have already been treated to a sneak look. See how they react in this video.

Zeaplus announce Zeawatch G2 clone for $69.99

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Regulars of GizChina will have seen the name Zeaplus before, and chances are you have also seen their Zeawatch too only sold under another name.

Ulefone Be Pro has MT6732 64bit SoC, 2GB for $169.99

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ulefone be pro hero

Ulefone have begun pre-sales of it’s Be Pro phone, equipped with 64bit Mediatek chipset and 2GB RAM all for just $169.99.

BandGoo fitness tracker, tells the time and acts as camera remote

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What is this! A sports tracker that fits on the wrist and tells the time! A bluetooth wearable that is actually a watch!

Bezeless glass panel from a future Nubia phone photographed

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Will 2015 be the year of bezeless smartphone displays? Some think it is a possibility with ZTE’s Nubia taking point.