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Exclusive: first photos of the 2K, MT6795 Blackview BV9000 with touch screen fingerprint scanner

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blackview bv9000

When Blackview aren’t testing their latest rugged phone in a pot of paint they can be found working on the stunning Blackview BV9000 with 2K display and MT6795 chipset! Here are the first photos.

Lenovo Phab Plus launches in China with 6.8-inch display

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lenovo phab plus

A phablet with 6.8-inch display isn’t a regular sight these days, but Lenovo feel they still have a place in the market and so have launched the Lenovo Phab Plus.

Leaked: Are these up close photos of the Huawei Mate 8?

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huawei mate 8

The Huawei Mate 7 really marked a turning point for the Huawei range in terms of style and build. A new Mate 8 will have a hard act to follow, so what do you think of it so far?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 specs revealed, could launch August 16th

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xiaomi redmi note 2

It looks like August 16th is the date and Beijing is the place where we will see the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, so what about the details? Keep reading for more.

Alcatel OneTouch and Cyanogen cancel the Hero 2+

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Reports indicate that the Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+ that should hit the market very soon has been canceled in an agreement between both Alcatel and Cyanogen. The Hero 2+ was announced back in March in a Alcatel and Cyanogen partnership, the device would feature decent hardware and optimized Cyanogen OS that promised some neat features as enhanced […]

Kingzone Z1 Review: Hot or not?

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When we recently reviewed the Kingzone N3 Plus we have been shocked about the fact that Kingzone didn’t seem to learn anything from the miserably performing and selling Kingzone N3. It still had a lot of annoying bugs, and even worse, Kingzone again claimed a false battery capacity: Instead of the promised 2,800mAh you only […]

Oppo R5 Review: another Oppo design exercise or a good phone?

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Christohper from get’s to review the Oppo R5, but comes away less than impressed! Read the full Oppo R5 review here.

Huawei Mate 8 leaked pictures

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huawei mate 8 1

Huawei dropping the Ascend name and launch the P8 are only parts of Huawei’s big picture, a larger Mate 8 phablet is also on the table too.

These images could be the body of the Huawei MediaPad X2

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huawei mediapad x2

Chinese media today have found spy photo of the chassis of the Huawei MediaPad X2 and believe the phablet will be unveiled at MWC.

Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Screenshot shows Android 5.0 Lollipop

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xiaomi mi note pro antutu

With the wait for Snapdragon 810 processors, we have some time before the flagship Xiaomi Mi Note Pro will be available, but at least we know it is getting Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Xiaomi launch the Xiaomi Mi Note with up to 4GB RAM and Snapdragon 810

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mi note

Xiaomi’s launch has been an impressive one, with the company launch 2 flagship phablet phones with some very impressive hardware specifcations! Keep reading for more details of the Xiaomi Mi Note.

Xiaomi saying tomorrows launch is not the Mi5 in latest teaser

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not 5

Less than a day to go and the speculation and teasers continue with Xiaomi giving more hints about their upcoming flagship. It won’t be the Xioami Mi5.

Xiaomi Note: Alleged image of Xiaomi’s new flagship with pricing

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xiaomi note

Get you pinches of salt at the ready as alleged pricing and images of the Xiaomi Note have been published in China.

Huawei make their Ascend GX1 official in China

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ascend gx1

It hasn’t taken long for Huawei to get the GX1 from leak to launch, as the new phablet has just been revealed in China.

Cube T7 Review: Our first dive into the 64-bit ocean

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64-bit has become one of the most important selling points these days, especially now as Mediatek has thrown the first chipsets into the arena, capable of the new technology. The most interesting one for sure is the MT6752, featuring 8 Cortex A53 cores clocked at 1.7GHz and a Mali T760 dual-core GPU, thus promising well […]

64bit, LTE Lenovo Note8 gets international price of $179.99

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lenovo note 8

One of the first 64bit MT6752 phones to come out of China has now been listed on reseller sites at the low price of phone $179.99!

Lenovo decide cloning is the way to go and build an iPhone 5C wannabe

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lenovo s60

After receiving plenty of criticism for the Lenovo Sisley S90 for the design and marketing, Lenovo are under fire again for the S60 phone.

Huawei responds to Mate 2 Kitkat update upset with promise of Lollipop

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huawei ascend mate 2

Huawei Ascend Mate 2 owners will know all to well that Huawei had announced that a Kitkat update wouldn’t be happening. Upsetting times, but there is a Lollipop shaped silver lining.

Lenovo show up at TENAA with 7-inch phablet

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Lenovo head to TENAA after their completed Motorola acquisition, with a huge screen 7-inch phablet.

Doogee DG580 Review: A kiss of One

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Doogee can easily be described as the most active low-cost phone manufacturer from China. Suddenly appearing out of nowhere, Doogee now has an impressive product lineup to show off and is showing clear ambitions towards the European market. One of the most recent Doogee creations is a phone called DG580, with the term “Kissme” thrown […]