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Ainol Mini PC Review: 7,000mAh of portable computing

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We have yet another mini PC slash TV box review for you and this time it’s the Ainol Mini PC we’ve got our hands on. Ainol once have been a big number on the Chinese tablet market but eventually missed some important inventions and completely disappeared from the market for more than a year. With […]

This mega charging station lets you charge 60 devices at once!

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We’ve all been there before. Those moments when really need to finish that one important email or text when your phone starts alerts you that you’re at 4%, and you scuttle as quickly as possible to the closest power outlet, only to find someone already occupying that spot. Apparently some inventor somewhere faced this problem […]

Zeaplus Watch DM360 Review: finally a proper Chinese smartwatch?

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We at GizChina have been following the Chinese wearables market for quite a while now but never have been blown away with the selection of interesting wearables. There have been some interesting tries, for example the WeLoop Tommy, but those devices never have been more than a nice try. We tested both the WeLoop Tommy […]

A quick review of the Pipo X7S

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With Chinese TV boxes becoming more and more popular, it didn’t take Pipo, a well-known manufacturer of tablet PCs, long to hit the market with a device of their own. After launching the X7 which had some significant issues like a non-licensed copy of Windows pre-installed, the company quickly got their stuff straight with the […]

Hands-On With The Minix Neo Z64 Android Edition

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Today we are heading one step away from the usual reviews about Chinese phones and tabs, paying attention to a TV Box, Set-Top-Box, Mini PC or however you wanna call it. It’s the Minix Neo Z64 that we’ve put to the test this time. Minix are a very popular manufacturer of a large variety of […]

Tronsmart T2000: Feature-Rich Chromecast Competitor

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We review the Tronsmart T2000, a simple to use streaming dongle and competent Chromecast rival. Over the past few years the popularity in Android TV boxes has boomed, yet the most feature is often to simple stream content from other devices, and there is a better alternative! Streaming dongles, like Google’s very own Chromecast, have […]

Weloop Tommy: The beta smart watch

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Wearables are booming this year, and especially smart watches make up a large chunk of this market, and market leaders are all backing the more costly Android Wear route, but do you really needed all those features on your wrist? What’s more battery life is pretty poor too, so it’s time to look at the alternatives. […]

Xiaomi Piston 2 Review: Ear-worthy $20 buds?

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Once again, here at GizChina, we are taking a look at another amazing piece of kit and once again it comes from Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. Rather than their phones or tablet, this time around we are reviewing the Xiaomi Piston 2 earphones. Find out if these budget earbuds live up to all the hype. We […]

UltraFire Cree XML T6 2000 lumen flashlight review!

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When it comes to Chinese technology, there is a lot more to discover than just Android devices. This is why we want to move “off topic” this time and talk about a Chinese flashlight! To be more exact, it is a flashlight manufactured by UltraFire. This company is a very popular Chinese brand, especially known for its rechargeable lithium batteries, and now durable torches.

New Oppo teaser on Twitter claims “best audio quality”

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Oppo’s newest teaser is claiming “best audio quality” for a mysterious device.

Google and Audi to Announce In-Car Partnership at CES

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google and Audi are set to announce a partnership at the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week. Apple had already made a similar announcement with support from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, and General Motors. The Google/Audi announcement is also said to include hardware manufacturer nVidia, who […]

LG G2 Set to get Android 4.4 KitKat International Release with New Year

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When will the LG G2 get the Android 4.4 update? We may have discovered the answer.

Rumor: HTC and LG to Use Sapphire Home Buttons, Fingerprint Scanners?

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Digitimes is reporting that the HTC One 2 (or HTC M8) and the LG G3, the upcoming flagship phones from the device manufacturers are reportedly set to feature sapphire home buttons. Sapphire is commonly used in fingerprint scanners due to its anti-scratch properties. If the Digitimes report, which quotes “industry sources” turns out to be true and […]

Acer Liquid S2 vs HTC One Max

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Earlier we brought you the Acer Liquid S2‘s impressive AnTuTu scores. While the internal horsepower of a phone is certainly important, the Liquid S2 is often compared to the HTC One Max due to their similar appearance, price point and that both pack top or near top of the line cameras. So how do the two phones compare […]

Huawei Releases Chromecast Like Device Sell For Under $50

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Google’s Chromecast is a huge hit in the states, now China’s Huawei wants in on the action. The Mango Pie 2 TV Stick has been released by Huawei and it instantly brings to mind Google’s TV dongle. The Mango Pie 2, which is on sale for 299Yuan (49USD, 36EUR) on Jingdong and other chinese technology […]

Cube working on an Intel-powered Notebook!

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According to reports, China’s Cube, a manufacturer who shot to fame with their RK3066 powered U30GT dual-core tablet PC last year, are now on their way to releasing their first Intel-powered laptop.

Find trusted online Chinese stores with the GizChina Chinese Store Directory

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online chinese store directory

We are sure you are all aware that the problem with Chinese phones, phablets and tablets isn’t finding a great device, but finding a trusted Chinese store to buy them from! This is why we have created the GizChina Chinese Store Directory!

Is the JiaYu S1 the phone JiaYu should be making? Full specifications and photos, have your say!

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exclusive jiayu s1 spy photos

Are JiaYu making a huge mistake with some of their hardware and feature choices on the JiaYu S1? Take a look at the complete hardware, specifications and exclusive photos here and have your say!

Chinese Girls buying up Anti-Pervert Hairy Stockings for Summer!

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china hairy stockings

Chinese woman who are fed up with being eyed up in the summer are resorting to extreme measures! Namely these Hairy Stockings!

Update: JiaYu G4 Vs. UMi X2 camera shootout at Qingdao International Auto Show 2013!

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umi x2 vs jiayu g4 camera shootout qingdao auto show

We visit the Qingdao International Auto Show 2013 for a UMi X2 Vs. JiaYu G4 camera shootout! Keep reading for lots of photo and video samples from these flagship Mediatek phones!