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Xiaomi Redmi phones to receive a 64Bit, 4G LTE makeover

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white xiaomi redmi

ZTE’s low cost 4G LTE head start might not last long as a few new LTE equipped Xiaomi Redmi phones are rumoured to be on the way!

OnePlus announce OnePlus accounts

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OnePlus logo

Today Oneplus announced a new centralised OnePlus Account system which will merge all current and future OnePlus services in to one easy to manage account.

Nubia X6 will have 6.44-inch 1080 FHD display

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nubia x6 1080

ZTE have posted on their Facebook page that the Nubia X6 will have less extraordinary hardware than we had anticipated.

Xiaomi tablet surfaces yet again, this time with a 9.2″ screen, Snapdragon 400

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Although a Xiaomi tablet that’s allegedly in the works has shown up multiple times in the past, rumours around the same have died down in the recent times.

Snapdragon 610 quad-core and 615 Octacore to launch in Q4

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snapdragon 610

We’ve been hearing a lot lately from Mediatek, but what about their rival Qualcomm? Well at MWC Qualcomm have a few new SoC’s to launch including the Snapdragon 610 and 615 chips.


Photo Feature: First images of the Cube iWork 10 PC/Tablet combo!

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Under a fortnight since its release, first images of the hybrid Cube iWork 10 have surfaced online promising a solid build and sleek looks!

So the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 2K display after all? And available globally!

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samsung galaxy s5 antutu hero

More purported leaked Antutu benchmarks from China claim the Samsung Galaxy S5 does have a 2K display after all!

Top Cheap Smartphones you can buy this February

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top cheap smartphones feb

Here are our pick of top cheap smartphones you can buy this February.

iPhone 6 could have a 10 mega-pixel camera with F1.8 aperture

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iphone 6 camera

Say what you will about the iPhone, but it does manage to have one of the better cameras out there and is set to get even better if these latest iPhone 6 rumours are true.

Everything We Think We Know About The HTC M8 / HTC One 2

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HTC One m8

The HTC One 2 has had more rumors swirling about it than any non Apple phone in recent memory. There have been numerous leaks and rumors, but nothing confirmed. This is everything we think we know about the HTC One 2, we think.

Oppo’s Sleek and Sexy Oppo R1 heading to India, but it won’t be cheap!

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oppo r1

Hot on the heals of the Oppo N1’s launch in India, reports are in that the Oppo R1 will also go on sale in the country in the next few months.

Meizu’s latest news implies 3 versions of the Meizu MX4G!

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meizu mx3 hands on

Q3 is when Meizu will be pushing their way head first in to the U.S phone market and latest details claim that the launch will be accompanied by not 1 but a possible 3 Meizu MX4 models.

Doogee Bigboy DG600 Review – Sub $150 6-inch Android phablet!

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doogee bigboy dg600 review

One of the things we love about the Chinese phone industry is the variety of devices. You can go too $800+ super phones to bargain basement models. We take a look at the latter this morning with a quick review of the $148 Doogee Bigboy DG600.

Meizu MX3 price to be reduced from today!

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meizu mx3 price

Great news Meizu fans! Meizu have announced that they will reduce the price of their flagship Meizu MX3 today!

Lenovo prepping Qualcomm-powered FHD tablet

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At a time when 1440p displays and 8 core CPUs are ruling the roost with smartphones, China’s Lenovo are preparing an FHD tablet with a Qualcomm heart!

China’s Myphone promises Moto X levels of customisation

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Little known smartphone manufacturer Xiao Chong Technology has announced a new customisable smartphone called the MyPhone.

EX Oppo staff set up OnePlus to launch next generation CyanogenMod smartphones

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It has been revealed today that Ex Oppo Vice President Pete Lau has created a new phone brand named OnePlus which hopes to launch next generations smartphones running CyanogenMod OS.

Video: First 500 Xiaomi Routers are special edition self assembly

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xiaomi router hero

Xiaomi have created a limited edition of 500 Xiaomi routers which ship in a fancy wooden case and require user assembly, watch the video here.

ASUS Launches PadFone Mini in Taiwan, 7-inch Tablet + 4.3-inch Phone, Other Territories to Come

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Video thumbnail for youtube video ASUS Launches PadFone Mini in Taiwan, 7-inch Tablet + 4.3-inch Phone, Other Territories to Come -

ASUS has announced that it has released the PadFone Mini in Taiwan, with plans to bring the device (devices?) to mainland China, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong and Indonesia eventually.

Top 8 Chinese Android phones for Christmas 2013!

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top 8 chinese phones 2013

With so many Chinese Android phones to choose from we have put together 8 of the best phones for Christmas 2013 to suit all budgets, tastes and uses! From 8-core to budget quad-core and Snapdragon 800 phones!