Apple Peel 520 Gets 3G Update Headed To The U.S On Sprint

Apple Peel 520 Gets 3G Update Headed To The U.S On Sprint


The Apple Peel 520 is familiar to all of us now. The device housing a battery, SIM card slot and GSM antenna shrouds a regular iPod Touch much like a protective cover, giving the Touch all the features of a regular iPhone (except the GPS and camera that is).
The 520 would only work on Edge networks, but ZTE have updated the unit with a humped back design and faster 3G connection.

3G Apple Peels will be available in the U.S later this year on Sprint, but there are currently no plans for a China launch.

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  • alukado

    This is my first time to order items from China. , it took about 15 days to come to US, considering it is from China with free shipping, and the apple peel really works as it advertised, there is nothing to complain. Highly recommend this store.

  • Alex

    i’d like to knows if is gonna have the appel peel wich allows internet 3g acess??? when???

    • Yup it already available at least here in China.