ITG xpPhone 2 Windows 7 Smartphone Details Released

smartphone,windows 7,phone,ITG,iphone,pc,laptop,smartphone,winows 7 smartphone,desktopITG China are claiming that the latest version of the xpPhone, the xpPhone 2 Windows 7 Smartphone, is a true iPhone 4S killer! While the large Windows 7 phone certainly has the spec to beat the iPhone we’re not sure the package is enough to lure Apple’s fans.

The xpPhone 2 is a monster phone in every aspect, it features an amazingly powerful specification with a huge amount of built in storage, all wrapped up in a rather monstrously proportioned phone.


xpPhone 2 Specification

The xpPhone 2 is bound to grab a lot of attention thanks to its hardware alone! It features a single core Intel Atom Z530 1.6Ghz CPU (there is also an option for a 2ghz version also), 2GB of built in RAM, on board storage of 112GB via a built in SSD hard drive, a 4.3-inch touchscreen and a slide out qwerty keyboard!

smartphone,windows 7,phone,ITG,iphone,pc,laptop,smartphone,winows 7 smartphone,desktopThese specification wouldn’t be out of place on one of the new breed of ultrabook never mind a smartphone!

ITG have even managed to give the xpPhone 2 a USB to VGA adapter, and even options to connect a mouse and full size keyboard so you could use this Windows 7 smartphone as a traditional PC!

xpPhone 2 Windows 8

Currently the xpPhone 2 runs Windows 7 just like a laptop or desktop, but engineers are currently working on getting Windows 8 to run and plan to release an official update later in the year.

xpPhone 2 Windows 7 Phone at a glance

  • Single core Intel Atom Z530 1.6Ghz CPU (there is also an option for a 2ghz version also).
  •  2GB RAM.
  • 112GB SSD hard drive.
  • 4.3-inch touchscreen.
  • WiFI.
  • 3G.
  • GPS.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Slide out qwerty keyboard.
  • Windows 7 OS with a Windows 8 OS update in the works.
  • Dimensions: 140mm X 73mm X 17.5mm.
  • Can connect to an external monitor, keyboard and mouse.

We’ll have more news of the ITG xpPhone 2 Windows 7 smartphone soon!

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