These Samsung and Oppo phones got price cuts in India

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Smartphones are getting launched every other month these days and this paves way for price cuts for the older ones. The same has happened for Oppo’s F15 and Reno 2F smartphones in India. However, the Samsung Galaxy M series of smartphones have received a price hike on June 19th.

The new price changes of the smartphones will reflect across all offline and online stores respectively. Oppo’s F15 and Reno 2F are the highlights with a huge Rs.3000 and Rs.1500 price cuts in India while the Samsung’s Galaxy M31 and M21 have received a hike of Rs.500.

Oppo F15 and Reno 2F Price Cut

The new price cut is said to be permanent according to the vendor. This makes the Oppo F15 and Reno 2F retail for Rs.18,990 and Rs.21,990 respectively. You can take a look at the retail prices of the models being sold online and offline below:

Model Old Price New Price Price Difference
Oppo F15(8/128GB) Rs.21,990 Rs.18,990 Rs.3,000
Oppo Reno 2F(8/128GB) Rs.23,490 Rs.21,990 Rs.1,500


Oppo F15

Galaxy M21 and M31 gets a Hike in Price

In similar news, Samsung’s Galaxy M31 and its sibling Galaxy M21 have received a price hike in India. Contrary to Oppo, the company seems to have increased the price of the units sold in the offline stores to Rs.500 more than the old dealer price. 

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The price changes are already live on all offline stores and Samsung’s website starting June 19th however at the time of writing this article, the devices are listed at their older price on e-commerce stores like Flipkart and Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy M31

Let’s look at the offline price changes in detail below:

Model Old Dealer Price New Dealer Price Price Difference
Galaxy M21(4/64GB) Rs.13,999 Rs.14,499 Rs.500
Galaxy M21(6/128GB) Rs.15,999 Rs.16,499 Rs.500
Galaxy M31(6/64GB) Rs.16,999 Rs.17,499 Rs.500
Galaxy M31(6/128GB) Rs.17,999 Rs.18,499 Rs.500
Galaxy M31(8/128GB) Rs.19,999 Rs.20,499 Rs.500

While Oppo’s price cut is an interesting move, the reason for Samsung hiking the price could be due to the changes in GST that the Government of India made recently, and the current crisis situation. Nevertheless, we will have to wait and watch how the offline sales of these handsets reflect post the changes in pricing.

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