Gizchina Weekly Review: Best Articles of the last week

Gizchina Weekly

Are you an avid follower/reader of tech-related news and are always trying to stay tuned about the latest trends? We can miss some interesting stories that stole the headlines while we go through our feeds. Some of these stories would certainly be appreciated, but you don’t have the time to search and continuously search through pages. That’s why we’re bringing Gizchina Weekly Review.

Gizchina Weekly Review will be a weekly column has the simple goal to get you through the best stories of the last week. You can check some stories that shook the world a couple of days back. The difference is that you’ll be able to find these articles in just a few minutes. Without further ado, let’s see what made the headlines during the last week.


Huawei’s upcoming foldable smartphone is now in mass production

Did you think that Huawei was done with the foldable segment? Think again. According to recent reports, the company’s next foldable smartphone is already in mass production. The device comes with new aesthetics and a new folding design, you can check more details here.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Leaked screen protectors confirm devices’ sizes

Every week we have a new Galaxy S22 leak to talk about and the last one wasn’t an exception. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series had its display size and details confirmed thanks to a set of leaked screen protectors. Dying for the upcoming flagships? Check full details here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung is done with the Galaxy Note series

The Samsung Galaxy Note series changed the smartphone market forever. It proved that smartphones can have large displays and be useful. Now, the world is full of large displays and the lineup lost its relevancy. So the company is ditching it… check the story here.

Apple Logo

Apple is developing a product to replace the iPhone in 10 years

A world without the iPhone seems to be something hard to imagine. But according to the latest reports, Apple is already preparing the next big thing that will replace its legendary lineup that basically started the smartphone segment. Will it create a new market segment? Find here.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 won’t bring an S Pen slot

Samsung will add an S Pen slot to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the device will effectively become the spiritual successor for the Note series. This won’t be the case with the Galaxy Z Fold4, although it may still offer support for the stylus as its predecessor did. Check the full story here.

Gizchina News of the week

OnePlus foldable phone patent hints at tri-displays and dual hinge

OnePlus seems to be ready for the foldable smartphone segment, or at least is preparing the ground for it. A set of leaked patents hints at a new smartphone with a tri-display design and a dual-hinge mechanism. You can find this promising design here.

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iPhone 13, Gizchina Weekly

Apple to increase its entry-level models: iPhone SE Plus with A15 Bionic in tests

Apple seems to be engaged in making its iPhone series more “competitive” in a market flooded with mid-range and flagship killers. The brand is reportedly working on a new cost-effective iPhone SE Plus with a large display and Apple A15 Bionic processor. Check full details here.

OnePlus is going to focus more on imaging and optics in 2022

OnePlus flagship lineup certainly is composed of memorable smartphones, solid contenders in hardware. However, they are still behind some devices in the camera department. According to a fresh report, OnePlus will address this issue in the 2022 lineup.

How to keep your data safe on iOS and Android devices

Nowadays we spend countless hours with our smartphones, and these devices are way more than entertainment tools. Our smartphones serve to store files, apps, and even important personal info, passwords, credit cards and etc. It’s important to take care of the security of these devices, and here are some steps you can follow to make sure your device is safe.

apple employees , Gizchina Weekly

Apple customers in Turkey are being turned away as a halt on sales continues

Turkey is facing some serious economic problems with the Turkish lira value being reduced to ashes. Due to the economical instabilities, Apple has decided to stop the sales of its products in the country. The company didn’t confirm it officially but has even oriented its workers to turn away customers on Apple Stores. Check the full story here.

Redmi plans to introduce a new Redmi K50 SE model

The Redmi K-series received a set of new entries this year. Apparently, there will be newer models to come with the upcoming K50 lineup. According to new reports, Redmi K50 will enter the “SE” trend by introducing a Redmi K50 SE model. Check details here.


And here we close the second edition of our Gizchina Weekly Review. These are some of the best stories collected throughout the past week. I’ll find you guys again in the next week with much more news! Stay tuned. The world of technology never stops and I’m sure we’ll have more to talk about in the next week.

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