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The LeTV Le 1S is the thorn in the side of OnePlus and Xiaomi. The value packed phone has already proven to be popular and will be available with shipping from the EU from 12th November.

letv le max x900 review

The LeTV Le Max is a big phone with big specs, and a huge retail price, but we have slashed pricing to make the 6-inch flagship a little more affordable.

OnePlus X vs LeTV Le 1s

This week we have seen the launch of 2 phones that redefine what how much a premium phone should cost. So of the OnePlus X and the LeTV 1s which phone is right for you? Which are you going to buy?

Letv has turned into a phone maker worth keeping an eye out for. The Chinese content-provider-turned-phonemaker will soon be starting its India operations.

The Letv Le 1s just went official with some mind-boggling specs for a $170 phone along with some other cool gadgets, including a smart car and a 4K 3D TV.

A brand new Letv phone just got ‘leaked’ via popular Chinese actress Li Xiaolu’s microblogging handle earlier today.

letv le 2 x500

LeTV is soon to hold yet another product announcement, and this year’s announcement will make the iPhone the target. While LeTV hasn’t made an official …

xiaomi launch october

This month is exciting, not because of all the candy I can eat on Halloween, but because there are at least 5 high-profile launches going on. Here are 5 Chinese launches to keep an eye on this month.

letv le 2 x500

LeTV are the next big name to have a launch in October, with the release of the LeTV X500 scheduled for 27th October.

letv dual screen render

LeTV have been pulling out all the stops and creating some of the most interesting phones of this year, and for next year? Well what about dual screen phones and rotating cameras?

letv le 1 offer

The wonderful LeTV Le1 is now up for sale in limited stocks with pricing from just $199.99.

Letv appears to be working on at least one smart TV launch for the Indian market sometime soon.

letv le max x900 review

Xiaomi is perhaps the one ‘most wanted’ Chinese OEM in the West. However, newcomer (at phone making) LeTV is keen on turning the tides.

letv le max x900 review

I have been fortunate enough to be using the 6.33 inch LeTV Le Max phablet for a few weeks now, so what is my verdict? Do I love it as much as the Le 1? Find out in my LeTV Le Max review.

letv le 1 pro

Late last month LeTV held a special offer where their phones could be bought at great prices. Shop.GizChina.Com managed to get a limited number of …

letv le max x900 review

You are going to need to grab a pinch of salt and take a seat for this news! Purported specs of the LeTV LeMax 2 are in and they are insane!

LeTV has been by far one of the most impressive Chinese companies this year. They recently launched their own TV box which looks like a deal at just $50!

lemall us

Have you tried entering the official LeTV LeMall recently from a non Chinese IP? If not give it a try now because this looks interesting!

letv x40 tv

LeTV have released some interesting TV and content streaming device today, but it is their LeTV X40 smart TV costing only $266 which has me reaching for the credit card!

letv le max x900 review

After taking on the Chinese phone market and winning, LeTV are turning their attention to fastest growing phone market, India!