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umi touch real photos

We’re are still waiting and waiting for the UMi Touch to finally touch down and be available to buy, but for those of you not sure about the phone, UMi are trying to tempt you over by pointing out some top features of the phone.

A recent press release had us wondering which fingerprint location really is the most prefered? Which do you like front or rear?

umi touch offer

If you missed previous UMi Touch offers then don’t worry as another $30 saving is available for you today.

umi touch gold

UMi’s Touch will come in 3 colours according to the company including silver, grey and gold.

umi touch

UMi are offering their customers a special discounted rate on a few of their phones during the spring sales.

umi touch

If you are fast and are among the first 20 people to use the following code you can get a UMi Touch for $109.99!

umi touch

UMi state that one of the biggest issues with Chinese phones is lack of development and that they are aiming to tackle this with custom ROMs and Android 6.0 on the UMi Touch.

umi touch real photos

UMi have released the first real photos of the UMi Touch, but the ‘spy’ images don’t really help give us any details.

umi touch

UMi are still rolling out details for their user defined Android phone known as the UMi Touch confirming which camera and OS it will come with.

umi rome

UMi have been launching smartphones one after another and with the UMi Rome and Rome X some people are a little confused to the differences of these phones, so lets clear things up.

umi touch

UMi say that they will be taking their range to the next level with the launch of the UMi Touch which will ship to customers on the 20th March.


Got a UMi Rome, UMi Iron Pro or eMax Mini? Then check out these links for system updates or optional ROMs.

Another set of UMi branded earphones have been launched and they are already available through Amazon.

umi touch

Yesterday we reported how UMi had created a phone from the features that users chose through their Apollo Project. Today, slightly tweaked details of the UMi Touch have arrived with the first official image.

umi apollo

So we are approaching the end of the first week of 2016 and we’re already getting word of ‘user defined’ smartphone from UMi.

umi rome x

UMi started promotion of their new low-cost Rome X model before the New Year and are now branding the device as having the best camera of an entry-level phone of 2016.

umi rome x

UMi have teased a lot of phones over this month and with only a few days of the year remaining they have managed to knock out news of the latest UMi Rome X.

umi zero 2

It has been a while since UMi Zero 2 details had been made available, and we can see from the latest that some changes to the phone have been made.

The UMi Apollo is the first phone from the company to use the ‘fan made’ approach. Details inside!

umi emax mini review

Swedish communications giant Ericsson has made legal cases against a number of phone makers this year, but have they really started legal proceedings against UMi?