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Xiaomi M2 Leaked Concept and Specifications!

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xiaomi m2 concept and specificaions leaked

The Xiaomi M1 has taken China by storm, and if our guesses are correct, the soon to be China’s first Android Ice-cream Sandwich smartphone, will also be doing the rounds internationally. So now while the Xiaomi M1 is flaunting it’s 4-inch screen, dual-core 1.5ghz CPU and 1GB ram in the spotlight, what better time than […]

Acer To Launch 15-inch $699 Ultrabook

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acer aspire s3 lightning review

Following on from the success of their 11 and 13-inch ultrabook models, Acer are planning to launch a 15-inch laptop next year which will follow the same ultrathin, ultra light profile. Little is known about the 15-inch Acer ultrabook except a new Taiwanese company, Pegatron, have been contracted to produce them, which may go some […]

Apple Launching Retina Display Macbook Pro 2012

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Apple macbook pro laptop with high resolution display 2012

Sources in Taiwan close to Apple are reporting that the Cupertino company are planning a new Macbook Pro lineup which will launch in the second quarter of 2012, and if that wasn’t exciting enough these new Macbook Pro’s will sport Retina displays! Digitimes is reporting that Apple are planning a Macbook Pro refresh in the […]

Knock off Macbook Air Reviewed: Verdict Don’t Waste Your Money!

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That fantastic Macbook Air knock off we discovered a few weeks ago has finally been tracked down and reviewed, although the outcome may not be what we had all hoped for! In some ways the knock off Macbook Air exceeded our expectations and managed to pack some very similar features in a very convincing Macbook […]

Ultrabooks To Get Touchscreens For Windows 8

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acer aspire s3 lightning review Giz

Sources in Taiwan have confirmed that key players in the ultrabook market are receiving touch screen samples to test on their upcoming ultra thin laptops. Companies are hoping to adopt touch screen in a bid to get back some of the market which is currently being dominated by tablet computers.

Knock off Macbook Pro Launched in time for Christmas in Festive Red and Silver!

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red macbook pro china

There have been plenty of knock off, clone, fake and Shanzhai Apple products released over the year. From iPhone 4s to amazing Macbook Air clones! But we rarely get to see a Macbook Pro knock-off! This Macbook Pro clone from Shenzhen Rahway, looks just like the 13.3-inch Macbook Pro I am currently typing on now. […]

Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Hands On

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acer aspire s3 lightning review

If you are looking for an affordable but lightweight laptop, or ultrabook, this holiday season you may well be looking towards Asus and Acer’s ultra lightweight models, which offer similar specifications and looks to the more expensive Macbook Air line up. Yesterday, we managed to get our hands on with Acer’s offering the ultra thing, […]

Truly Amazing Macbook Air Knock Off Shows Up in the Metal!

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Macbook Air knock off china released

Remember a few weeks ago when we published photos and specification of a Chinese made Macbook Air knock off ultrabook? If not take a look at our previous posts here. Now we finally get to have a good in the metal look at the Chinese MBA clone, and it looks even more amazing than we […]

Apple Not ‘Sincere’ About China Pollution Problem?!

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Shandong Foxconn fire sony laptops,apple factory pollution china

Yesterday afternoon, Apple invited representatives from 9 Chinese environmental protection groups, to discuss accusations that at least 27 of Apples suppliers were releasing poisoners toxins and carcinogens in the the domestic environment. The three and a half hour long meeting was held at Apple Beijing offices, and while the representatives were happy that Apple had taken […]

Ultrabook Production Slowing Down Already!

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Ultrabooks are those sleek, stylish and very light ultra portable laptops you may have seen dotted about the local coffee shop. The Macbook Air is the ultrabook most of you will be aware of, but other companies such as Acer and ASUS have them too, and their is even a rather convincing Macbook Air clone […]

Apple To Overhaul Entire Range For 2012!

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next generation imac 2012,iphone 5 launch,ipad 2s launch,ipad 3 launch,next generation macbook air

Apple are planning to completely overhaul it’s main product lines for next year, with refreshed and updated iPads, iPhones, iMac’s and MacBook Airs all expected to appear in 2012. Rumors out of Tawian this past week claim that Apple currently have two new prototypes of the iPad codenamed the ‘J1′ and ‘J2′ in the works […]

Electronics companies turn to the gray markets as HDD shortages worsen

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hdd supplys worsen,floods in thailand,hdd gray market

Hard disc drives are becoming rarer than hens teeth due to the floods in Thailand, and PC vendors have began desperately searching any and every avenue that may lead to a steady supply including scouring the gray markets! Digitimes are reporting a sharp increase in prices for HDD’s over the past few weeks with 500 […]

Asus Transformer Prime Gets Stripped Down at the FCC

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asus transformer prime fcc,asus transformer prime kal el,asus transformer prime price,asus transformer prime photo,asus transformer prime image,asus transformer prime specification

The Transformer Prime is becoming quite the regular on Gizchina. This time the Asus netbook/Android tablet has been spotted in the nude as the FCC gave the latest in the Eee Pad line up a good going over.

Acer One Happy 2 Trying to relive the glory days of netbooks!

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acer aspire one happy 2,acer aspier,acer netbook photo,acer aspre netbook,acer happy 2 orange

Netbooks were once the super cool must have gadget on any tech fan, but due to the introduction of tablets and their rapid evolution in to super affordable, portable,powerful and cheap ‘computers on the go’, the netbook has steadily dropped out of fashion.

Apple iTV Concepts Drawn Up

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apple iTV concept picture,apple iTV concept image,apple tv,apple tv rumor,apple tv siri

It certainly looks as though Apple are planning a TV, with rumors starting over the possibility over a year ago and recently rekindled by Steve Jobs’ biography.

Asus Transformer Prime Coming 9th November Windows Tablets to Follow

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eeepad asus,eeepad prime november launch,transformer prime release date,windows 8 asus tablets

The Asus Transformer Prime Android slate isn’t the only thing that Asus can’t keep a secret at the moment. I leaked document from the Taiwanese electronics giant has also turned up with details of the companies tablet plans for the coming year.

Top 5 Apple Knock-Offs 2012

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  Knock-off’s, clones, copies, replicas! Call them what you will, but there is no denying that the Apple counterfeits from China this year, are possibly some of the greatest we have seen. But more shockingly they may actually be worth buying! Keep reading to see out run down of the top 5 fake Apple gadget […]

This Macbook Air Clone Looks Almost to Good to be true!

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mba clone,mac air,macbook air knock off,fake macbook air,chinese macbook air,knock off apple air

Ultrabooks, superlight and ultrathin laptops with SSD hard drives are the new must have gadget, and we imagine 2012 will be ‘The Year of the Ultrabook’. Apple, started the trend with it’s Macbook Air, and recently Taiwanese company Asus followed suit with the Zenbook, but now it’s China’s turn to have a crack at the […]

Top 5 Android Tablets for 2011

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The android tablet market is heating up. Over 70 different tablets were introduced in 2011. Manufacturers like, ASUS, Samsung, Sony and HTC hold a significant spot in the marketplace. Despite all the contenders, only a handful of android tablets can be deemed as the best of 2011.

5 of the best Android phones for 2011

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motorola photon 4g,motorola android,motorola photon 4g review,motorola photon 4gpreview,motorola photon 4g specification

Smartphones sure do come in handy in today’s society. They accomplish so much, from checking emails, to watching your favorite shows, listening to your favorite artists, getting directions to that popular new restaurant that just opened, and of course making phone calls. Yes it’s true that smartphones can make life a little easier, but with […]