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Mogu S1 is the world’s cheapest 5-inch phablet at $48!

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Chinese phone maker Mogu have announced it plans to launch the world’s cheapest 5-inch Android phablet priced at just 299 Yuan ($48)! 5-inch Android smartphones are now easier to find that more compact 4-inch options, but despite the number of options consumers have to choose from there aren’t many 5-inch phones available for people on […]

Huawei Ascend P2 Benchmarks crush our 8-core hopes!

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Just yesterday we saw our first glimpse at the Huawei Ascend P2 and discovered rumours that the P2 could be wielding an 8-core CPU! However, recently uncovered benchmarks tell another story. Of course an 8-core CPU doesn’t have to mean super performance, and those extra cores could be used to increase the battery endurance and […]

Huawei Ascend P2 to sport 8-core processor?

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huawei ascend p2 8-core

A Huawei Ascend P2 launch seems inevitable at MWC, but could this me Huawei’s first 8-core phone?

Neo N004S renderings and specifications spotted

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neo n400s specs

2013 is a mere month old, but the folks over on the Neo forums are already getting excited about the possibilities 2014 will bring and what the Neo N004S phone will be packing. From the looks of the ‘wish-list’ specification, this banner for the Neo N004S is more likely fan-made rather than official specs, however […]

5-inch MT6589 Beidou Big K spy photos appear

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quad-core beidou big k

Beidou are more famous for their Little Pepper range of phones, but they also make the larger screen Beidou Chi, however spy photos reveal the 5-inch Chi is soon to be replaced with a new MT6589 quad-core model. Judging by the photo we can see the Big K will come in the same design as […]


GooPhone i5 review: The ultimate iPhone 5 clone

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goophone i5 review gizchina

The GooPhone i5 has been one of the most highly anticipated Chinese phone launches in the past few months. We’ll it has taken longer than hoped, but the i5 is finally on sale! Keep reading for a in-depth review.

Updated: Ultimate Newman N2 Review

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newman n2 hands on review

The Newman N2 is Newman’s latest, quad-core flagship phone. While availability is still quite scarce, we have been lucky enough to get our hands on one for a full in-depth review.

Huawei Ascend Mate and Ascend D2 receive network license in China

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huawei ascend mate and d2

Huawei’s two newest Android phones have received some official love today as both the Ascend Mate and Ascend D2 have been given network licences in China, meaning they can go on sale ASAP! The 6.1-inch Huawei Ascend Mate showed up at the Telecommunication Equipment Center in China, alongside it the smaller 5-inch Ascend D2 to […]

SkyCross Unveils 12-band Tunable Antenna for Multiband 4G LTE! And It’s awesome!

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In the old days (i.e. as recently as 2009), in most markets mobile carriers belligerently locked their phones so you couldn’t use the devices you paid for on any network but their own. Over time, government stepped in and some jurisdictions asked (for  example, Hong Kong) and many jurisdictions forced (i.e. America) carriers to unlock their phones either. In […]

Oppo Find 5 going on sale 7th January?

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oppo find 5 launch date 7th January

It’s been a good few weeks since Oppo unveiled the Find 5, and by our reckoning the phone should be going on sale very soon! How soon you ask? Well it looks like this Monday (7th January).

Oppo Find 5 vs iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3!

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If you read the news from a few hours ago, then I am sure you like me are super excited about the Oppo Find 5 which features one of the best looking Android phone designs and features list of any phone I have ever written about! But, how does the Oppo Find 5 compare against […]

The JiaYu G3 better watch out! Dual-core Dream X and quad-core Dream S are coming!

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With all the problems and delays the JiaYu G3 has been suffering other Chinese phone makers have been able to catch up with dual-core phones with similar specifications and low-price. The latest of these JiaYu G3 competitors is the dual-core MT6577 Dream X.

Both versions of the Bluebo L100 Have sold out Pre orders!

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I’ve not really been keeping up on the Bluebo L100 news recently due to all the exciting Xiaomi and JiaYu posts so it came to a bit of a surprise when I just read that preorders for both Bluebo L100 are completely sold out!

Download MIUI for Meizu MX Now!

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download miui for meizu

Do you have a Meizu MX?, did you just pick up one of the bargain MX RE models?, do you want MIUI V4 on your MX? Well you guys are in luck as the latest BETA MIUI for the Meizu MX is here and ready to download!

AT&T to launch waterproof Android tablet at CES

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google chinese dragon playing basketball

AT&T are working together with Panatech to relase a new LTE enabled Android tablet which will make use of the company’s new 4G network. Best of all (in our opinion) is that the tablet will be waterproof!

Rockchip Plans to Show off 35 new tablets at CES

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rockchips,android tablet,android tablet ces 2012,rockchip ics

Rockchip are one of the leading makers of CPU’s in China, with almost all of their chips making there way in to Android tablets of some form or another. For CES in 2012 the company are planning to display 35-40 different Android tablets from brands across China which use the Android Ice-cream Sandwich compatible Rockchip […]

CutePad Shows Off $62 Tablet at Canton Fair

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canton trade fair,canton fair 2011,canton fair 2011 dates,canton fair 2010 dates,the canton fair,china canton fair,canton fair dates 2011,chinese products

The HongKong China Sourcing Fair, also known as the Canton fair has officially opened it’s doors to the public and as expected there are plenty and electronics companies in attendance to show off their latest tablets, phones and other gadgets and gizmos. Cutepad, a new name in the tablet world are at the show with […]

What Happened When Steve Jobs Met With China’s Tudou CEO?

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gary wang,tudou ceo,meeting with steve jobs,steve jobs in china,steve jobs and wang wei

For those of you who don’t know Tudou is one of China’s video sharing sites, it along with Youku and many others have been making millions in China, thanks partly due to their pirated movies and TV shows, but largely due to Google’s Youtube service being blocked in China. Read the story of Gary Wang, […]

China’s National ‘No Car Day’ Has No Takers

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china no car day 2011 heavy traffic

  I didn’t know this when I jumped in to my Chinese made jalopy to head to the office in downtown Qingdao, but today is China’s official National ‘Car Free Day’. It looks like no one else new, or didn’t care either!

Chinese Nazi Cosplay Marriage!

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chinese nazi wedding

For any woman in the world the biggest day of their life is their wedding day (so I’ve been told). So what better way to remember the happiest day of your life than dressing up like Hitler!