5 things we know about the new iPhone 5

So tomorrows the big day! The day Apple announces it next generation all new iPhone 5 on to the world but with all the links from Chinese media, websites, factories and myself I think we know pretty much everything about the new iPhone.

September 12th is only hours away which mean Apple fans, more accurately iPhone fans are getting giddy with excitement and anticipation as to how ‘awesome’ the latest in carnation of the iPhone will be!

Pffff! We know everything there is to know about the new iPhone 5 already (don’t we?), in fact here are 5 things we know about the new iPhone 5!


The new iPhone 5 will have a 4 inch screen

Finally after years of putting up with a tiny 3.5 inch touch screen, Apple are getting the big guns out and are boosting the screen size to a whopping….. 4 inch….. Ok it’s not that big when compared to the current crop of Android phones, but for iPhone users that extra 1/2 inch is huge!

new iphone 5 video hands on leaked

What else do we know about the new iPhone 5 screen? Well if rumors are true the new screen will have a resolution of just 1136 x 640 which is actually less than the Goophone i5 iPhone 5 clone!


The new iPhone 5 will look like a big iPhone 4S

Yup if the leaked component and cases are true, and if these Chinese reporters haven’t been wasting $8000 a day with a fake, we already know just how big the new iPhone 5 is, which is to say it’s not very big.

iphone 5 comparison

Best of all thanks to an abundance of $5 iPhone 5 dummy phones flooding Chinese markets, we even have accurate measurements and phone comparsions of the new iPhone, iPhone 4s, Samsung S3 and Oppo Find 3!

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The new iPhone 5 will have a tiny nano sim!

Why I don’t know, but judging by the size of the sim card tray on the various leaked components and photos, the new iPhone 5 will feature and even smaller nanoSIM.

iphone 5 nano sim card

While this is likely to infuriate current iPhone (any phone) owners wishing to upgrade to the new iPhone 5, it will help Apple slow down the number of grey market phones arriving in foreign markets before they intend it too.


The new iPhone has new holes!

Again thanks to various leaked parts, photos and even videos we can see that the new iPhone 5 will have a few connections and ports which differ from the current iPhone 4s.

iphone 5 leaked hands on video

Firstly the headphone jack is on the base of the new iPhone 5, rather than the top, there are also larger speaker and mircophone holes in the base of the new iPhone and then there is that much speculated and documented mini dock connector!


The new iPhone will have iOS6

apple map app ios 6 beta features

Well duh! This is a no brainer! The new iPhone 5 is also going to have the latest version of iO6 which features numerous improvements including a smarter Siri, improved 3D maps, no YouTube, less Google integration and the Passbook app which I have speculated in the past will take place of NFC on the iPhone 5.

So that’s it did I miss anything else concrete out about the new iPhone 5? If so feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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