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Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra FAQ: All Questions Answered

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How to Install Google Camera on the Mi 10 Ultra: Download GCAM for Mi 10 Ultra

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How to Remove Facebook’s Bloatware from OnePlus Smartphones

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Huawei are planning to enter the European smart phone market with their Ideos smart phones. The Android based phone is planned to be sold for …

Jack Wong the CEO of Meizu has been kicking up a bit of a fuss claiming Apple’s new 4th generation iPod ‘looks a bit like’ …

Chinese website Shanzhaiben took a few minutes to compare the Android aPad to the Apple iPad. Here’s what they noted after a quick once over. …

Last week we posted a blurry video of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet , this week though we have a great video from Korean TV  of …

The Chinese press have been speculating for months about what Motorola had planned for it’s Chinese phone range, and it looks like they’ve finally spilled …

Shanda games have entered the ebook market with their Bambook ebook reader and download service.

We take an exclusive look at the Android powered ePad to see how it compares to Apple’s iPad.

Most of these iPad clones aren’t very good, could the HaiPad be any better?!

A new app from Pleco which allows the iPhone to ‘read’ Chinese text and translate it on the fly!! With video link.

Convert your 3G sim card to micro format and back again with this handy kit.

This is a new section I just decided to write up. Every week or so we’ll post information and photos of a few cloned phones …

Not content with just knocking off one or two of Apples products, Chinese brand QingTing have cloned 3 major products including the iPad and even Apples website!

Panda Suite allows you to install hacked apps on your iDevice for free! This update claims to add video editing too!

Possibliy the cheapest Android powered tablet computer on the market!

The next generation of iPad clone is already in the prototype stage. 1Ghz Android running iPad knock offs could be available from September 10 and cost as little as $250!

Shenzhen is the birth place of many a unique gadget. This time we have ourselves a super cheap $100 ARM powered notebook. This little system …

SAIC’s new Roewe 350 could become the first Android powered car on the market this April!
It’s confirmed!