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Sony SR Display

Sony Electronics announced yesterday that it will launch a ground-breaking new product for the first time. It’s called the ‘SR Display’. The latter uses Sony’s …

Anet A8

Ever wanted to create your own 3D toys or gadgets but you didn’t want to spend an insane amount of cash on a 3D printer? …

Elephone P8 3D

The Elephone P8 3D has slipped under many people’s radar as the company had already started rumors about the fancier Elephone U series that will …

Elephone P8

Elephone’s P8 lineup of phones has somewhat slipped under many people’s radar as we were more focused on the fancier Elephone S8 that came out …

Elephone P8 3D

Did you somehow manage to come out of the various holiday promotions without a purchase? Then it might be time to consider buying something as …

Chinese phone maker – Elephone – has just released some images shot with the Elephone P8 Max. We really haven’t heard much of this device …

Anet A8 3D Printer

Are you a DIY lover? Do you like creating unique art pieces? Or maybe you just want to print some plastic components for other gadgets …

It appears as we were completely wrong in our first assessment of Elephone upcoming P8 3D smartphone. As we learn more details about the phone, we …


Elephone just announced their latest Elephone P8 camera-phone will get an upgraded version that comes with glasses-free 3D technology. This isn’t the first time we …

3D is not yet dead! Chinese brand Ivvi has unveiled the Ivvi K5 a phone that boasts an attractive design plus glasses-free 3D visuals.

The interesting new Doogee Y6 Max 3D is venturing into the uncharted territorry of glasses-free 3D effect and we have to wonder how it will …

doogee y6 max

Doogee is going for the glasses free 3D niche wth their next big thing!

pptv price drop

Back in September of last year, PPTV launched a couple of phones featuring glasses less 3D technology, recently those phones have had a serious price drop causing a lot of speculation.

vk world discovery s1

We have seen Chinese phone makers dabble in 3D tech over the years, and as the cost of 3D tech becomes cheaper we are once again seeing an interest. One of the first for international buyers will be the VK World Discovery S1.

pptv king 7s

Today it was the turn of PPTV to make an announcement for its new phone, and as rumoured suggested the device packs a 6-inch 2K display.

pptv phone render

Next week PPTV will be unveiling their first ever Android smartphone, but a 5 day wait isn’t needed to see what the phone will look like once launched.

pptv phone render

While most of the world will be focussing in IFA in Berlin this week, Chinese smartphone fans will be keeping an eye on PPTV when they launch their first smartphone on the 7th September.

snail obox

Known to be one of the slower animals on the planet, the Snail has now lent its name to a new Android console hardware maker from China.

After long last, there’s some peace for those wanting a high-end phone that fits in one hand in the form of Amazon Inc.’s first phone – the Amazon Fire Phone.

xiaomi launch

According to my calendar today is the 15th May making it the day of Xiaomi’s next product launch, one of those products could be an updated MiTV 2 with 4K display.