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ccrov underwater drone

We’ve had UAV, and flying drones for a few years now, but what about something for filming below the waves?

oppo vooc drone

Oppo have brought plenty of innovations to the Chinese smartphone market over the years and now one of their most loved might make its way in to the drone arena.

The JJRC H31 is a waterproof drone that you can now get for under $30. Keep reading for more info!

zerotech dobby drone review

The Dobby Drone has been one of the most impressive pieces of Chinese tech I have owned for a good few years, and now the latest update makes the tiny UAV even better.

zerotech dobby drone review

A few months ago we posted some news about a new start up in China who were funding a mini foldable drone, well it’s been …

mito beauty drone

Mito, the smartphone maker known for it’s smartphones with camera features are now rumoured to be working on a new type of drone.

dobby drone China

Chinese start-up Dobby are crowdfunding a drone in China that can fold up and fit in your pocket and will cost just $260.

xiaomi drone teaser

Drone fans and Xiaomi fans combined will want to pen in the 25th May as this is the date that Lei Jun and co will …

xiaomi drone

There has been a lot of talk over the possibility of a Xiaomi drone, now a teaser posted moments ago seems to finally officially confirm the device.

xiaomi drone app

Xiaomi drone rumours continue today with a purported iOS application showing up for download for a brief time before being taken down, but a few …

The Flypro XEagle is a Chinese drone that features smartwatch controls and more. Details inside!

dji phantom standard 3 review 5

Xiaomi’s rumoured drone made a surprise appearance in the menu of their online forums today.

image from xiaomi drone

The first images purportedly taken from the Xiaomi quad-copter have surfaced, increasingly the likelihood of a launch next week.

xiaomi drone leaked

Chinese site UAVNews, have managed to get their hands on an image and leaked photos of Xiaomi rumoured upcoming drone.

dji phantom standard 3 review 5

Last week patents of a rumours Xiaomi drone revealed a quad-copter which would be controlled by your Mi Band. Further details today show the drone will use your wearable for a ‘follow me’ feature.

dji phantom standard 3 review

There has been talk for sometime that Xiaomi might make a move to the drone market sometime this year, now a patent gives us some clue what to expect.

CES has been and gone and this year we saw a boom in tech just perfect for use outdoors. From drones to wearables, here are 5 of the top items from CES 2016.

tencent folding selfie drone

China’s Tencent tech giant are working on a foldable drone designed for taking aerial selfies and controlled from your smartphone.