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LG V30 is apparently all set to be launched on the 31st of August at IFA 2017, Berlin as the leaked save the date invite …

It’s the end of the second quarter of 2017 so most companies have began to publish their financial preliminary results. The Korean LG is one …

Rumor has it that Samsung and LG are already working closely to design and manufacture a display that’s curved on all four sides, scheduled to …

Latest out of the rumor mill: Google is willing to invest 1 trillion KRW in LG display for incorporating curved OLED panels in the next Pixel.

Just days before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG is promoting the safety tests it conducts on batteries of the G6 like shock, pressure, penetration.

LG K10

LG launched its 2017 version of the K10 smartphone in India. It has a dedicated panic button which calls India’s equivalent of the 911 US emergency hotline.

A new teaser image about LG G6 was released today and from the looks of it, the Korean company is trying to prepare us for …

AMD Logo

On January 24, AMD filed an Intellectual Property (IP) infringement complaint against a number of established consumer electronics manufacturing companies, including MediaTek.

LG wrap around screen 4

LG seems to have a grip on the future of its smartphones. LG recently patented a design featuring wrap-around display, screens both at the front and back.

ELEPower Thunder

The proper name of the first Elephone powerbank product is still somewhat confusing, but we will stick to the official website canon so i guess …

Xiaomi have announced their newest from their TV series, the Mi TV 3 which comes with a 60-inch 4K panel and an attractive price tag!

2015 lg google nexus

There is a lot of speculation surrounding this year’s Nexus phones, but it seems there will be at least 2 to choose from and the LG model could see a return to low pricing for the Nexus range.

The Huawei made Nexus phone is now one step closer to launch. Details of that, along with the smaller LG manufactured Nexus have just broken out.

Amitabh Bachchan, a Bollywood veteran, took centrestage at the Mehboob studios in Mumbai as LG launched their latest flagship, the LG G3 in the country earlier today.

After months of leaks and speculation, the LG G3 finally went official. With a powerful feature set complemented by a QHD display, is the G3 the perfect Android?

After months of leaks, the G3 is all set to get a proper, official launch in a total of 6 cities through 2 days in about one month from now.

LG just jumped on to the Internet of Things bandwagon with the launch of their latest smart product series — the LG Smart Bulbs.

meizu MX4 concept

We have heard rumour that LG might be first on the market with a Mediatek 4G LTE phone, but Meizu have said it will be them!

According to reports landing in from LG’s home country, the next big thing from LG, the G3 might come in a water/dust-proof avatar, something Sony is known to be doing for quite some time.

lg g3 concept

Latest rumours claim that LG will be launching the QHD, octacore LG G3 as early as June this year!