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What Technologies Are Used In The War In Ukraine?

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Apple is being sued in Russia for the first time

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How a smartphone saved a soldier’s life in Ukraine

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According to reports coming in from Russia, China’s twin phone makers OPPO and Vivo might soon be official in the Russian smartphone market.

MGCOOL, the Elephone sub-brand for the various gadgets and smaller tech products is indeed trying hard to establish a foothold on the international market and …

Chinese device maker Doogee is well known for their bold expansion plans out of China and have already clawed their way into european markets. Latest …

doogee x5 russia

Russian phone buyers apparently cannot get enough of the Doogee X5, with the company shipping 20,000 units every month!

The near-forgotten Tizen OS might well be on its way to claiming a new lease of life, if reports are to be believed.

A render of an alleged LTE-enabled Micromax smartphone leaked earlier today, hinting at a release that might be due soon.

Xiaomi has finally laid out all ten countries is plans to expand to. Vietnam, Turkey and Russia have all been added to the list.

In a surprise move, India’s Micromax went ahead and released their first octa-core phone in Russia ahead of their home country!

Micromax has been eyeing a spot on the global map for a while now, and their expansion to Russian markets might just be the first checkpoint.

Although we have seen numerous leaked photos and even video of the Meizu MX3 we have had nothing official from Meizu about the details until today.

Meizu are no strangers to CES, but this year might be different as the company has revealed they hope to pursue the U.S market!

Meizu fans over in Russia have photographed the yet to be released Meizu MX2 white edition.

The Meizu MX2 will go on sale in China, Hong kong and Russia in just 2 days making Meizu one of the first local manufacturers …

Apple have released details of another mass iPhone 4S launch for 7 more territories, however mainland China is still missing from the launch list! The …

China’s Yinghuo-1 satellite was launched earlier this morning from Baikonur cosmodrome along with the Russian Phobos-Grunt probe. Both probes are heading towards Mars, but once …

Getting ripped off is always going to hurt especially when you think you’ve bagged yourself a bargain, but the guy who bought this hard-drive in …