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Orientphone N8 octacore on sale now

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orientphone n8

Another octacore phone enters the fray, the Orientphone N8 is another Galaxy Note 3 wannabe with the latest 1.7Ghz 8-core processor.

Another Hongmi clone goes on sale, but costs more than the real thing!

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miled m3

Xiaomi’s Hongmi is a marked man in the Chinese phone market! Phone companies both large and small want to take on the low-cost phone, but not all of them can manage to do it!

‘Love Me X18’ Xiaomi Mi3 knock-off costs just $150!

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love me x18 xiaomi clone

With the delay in releasing the WCDMA Xiaomi Mi3, Chinese knock-off makers have already started to launch their own low-cost clones of the latest Xiaomi phone.

Japanese manufacturer iosys churns out ioPhone5, a $150 iPhone 5c clone

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Chinese manufacturers, notorious for their low-cost clones of popular devices like the iPhone, now have some competition to deal with; and it’s coming from a close neighbour, Japan! Japanese manufacturer iosys recently unveiled a smartphone that goes by the name of ioPhone5. It isn’t very difficult to guess that the device is an impersonator of an […]

Onda V975M launched, it’s a $160 iPad Air with Retina display!

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onda v975m ipad air clone

Yesterday Chinese tablet maker Onda launched their new Onda V975M 9.7-inch tablet for 999 Yuan high-resolution display and an iPad Air design!


AUX i6T is a $163 iPhone 5S wannabe

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We’ve seen quite a few iPhone clones from China over the years, which fondly (or otherwise) are titled ‘ChiPhone’ by some.

Huangzu K1 is another Ascent P6 clone, but with octacore processor!

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Huawei’s Ascend P6 has not only proven to be popular with customers but also phone makers who are building clones around the slender phone!

This Xiaomi Hongmi Clone costs just $70

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orient phone m1

This sub $70 Android phone get’s the styling of the popular Xiaomi Hongmi, along with MIUI style interface and is on sale internationally!

OrientPhone release details of their 8-core OrientPhone N8

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orientphone n8 hero

It’s amazing to think that just last week was the launch of the 8-core MT6592 chipset, yet already Chinese phones based on the tech are already hitting stores!

This Xiaomi Hongmi clone costs just $65!

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telsda xiaomi hongmi clone

Have you ever heard of Telsda? Neither had we until this up and coming phone maker launched its very own Xiaomi Hongmi Clone for just $65 in China.

Update: The OrientPhone One MAX is a 5″ HTC One/One Max lookalike that costs just $275!

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Here’s some good news for people who are fans of classy HTC designs but do not wish to shell out the premium HTC ask for one; the OrientPhone One MAX!

The GalaPad S6 is an amalgam of Samsung’s Galaxy Mega and HTC’s One Max!

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Looking back at launches that have taken place in the past few weeks, it seems like Chinese manufacturers are going back to where they started from; manufacturing clones.

Video: hands on with the $89.99 No.1 5c iPhone 5C clone

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no.1 5c iphone 5c clone

Hands on video and first impressions of the No.1 5C iPhone 5C clone, are all iPhone 5C clones equal or are some better than others?

No.1 M3 is a quad-core Xiaomi Mi3 clone for just $200!

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no1 m3 xiaomi mi3 clone

No.1 continue to launch one clone after another their latest being a $200 clone of the extremely popular Xiaomi Mi3!

8-core MT6592, 2GB RAM iPhone 5S clone headed for production

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gold goophone i5s

China’s Goophone are reported to be giving their iPhone 5S clone a turbo boost with the inclusion of an 8-core processor and 2GB RAM.

GooPhone’s new Note 3 Clone get’s a 1080 display

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goophone n3 fhd

GooPhone have released a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone an improved screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.

The GooPad Mini 2 is an iPad mini 2 alternative with 3G and voice calling capabilties!

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One of the most practical and usable screen sizes for a tablet is 7.85 inches, introduced by Apple with the original iPad mini back in 2012. Chinese manufacturers have wasted no time in adopting the form for their own devices out of which the GooPad Mini 2 is one!

OrientPhone N3 N9000 1080 HD version launched

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orientphone n3 n9000 1080 hero

Orientphones phablet empire continues to grow with the launch of another Galaxy Note 3 clone, this time with FHD 1920 x 1080 display.

GooPhone i5S goes on pre-sale for $149

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One of the most popular cloned device manufacturers, GooPhone, have now put up the GooPhone i5S on pre-sale for $149 on their official site. The GooPhone i5S is a clone of the popular iPhone 5S which was launched by Apple back in September.

8-core Mlais MX69 will be available in November, photos and full specifications

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mlais mx69 8-core phone

The next few months are going to be exciting as we see 8-core phone upon 8-core phone launch. The big question is which company will be first? Could it be the Mlais MX69?