1600 Yuan iMac Clone Is Seriously Tempting

From a distance and if you squint you could be fooled in to thinking that these 18.5 inch screened all in one PC’s were from Apple themselves, but only a quick glimpse at the price tag would tell you the true identity of this 20mm thick all screen beastie.
Actually beast is exactly the wrong word im looking for when describing this cheapo iMac wannabe. Kitten is the antonmyn I’m after as the internals purr along at the same speed as your average netbook computer. Those Atom internals aren’t going to produce spectacular 3d graphics but they will ensure a quiet and energy efficient unit.
Further inspection shows other areas where this Shenzhen made computer differs from the real iMac. Lack of DVD/CD drive is one area and screen real estate being another (although a larger 21 inch model is in the works).
If your not a power user i.e you want to browse the web, watch Youku and edit a few Word documents this 1600 Yuan all in one could be right up your street!

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  1. fabio
    November 11, 2010

    where to buy?