Google Pads Come In A Rainbow of Colours

Shenzhen Jinhui have just launched it’s Gpad in an assortment of ten colours! With 10 colours to choose from you’d expect to find one in a hue to complement your style. Unfortunately, however the rainbow of colours Jinhui have opted for are possibly the worst colours ever to adorn a consumer electronics device!
Thankfully those awful colorways are only on the back of the device so will only assault anyone unfortunate enough to be in the same Starbucks.
On the tech side of things the 360g device looks pretty good for Internet usage and the odd game or e-book. A 760Mhz CPU and 256mb of RAM provide enough grunt to play 1080 video on the 7 inch touch screen. 4Gb of flash memory should be enough for a few movies, and there’s room for micro SD cards in case you need a bit more space.
A built in web cam, dual micro USB ports, a gravity sensor and a 3200Mah battery and Android 2.1 (upgradable to 2.2) make up the rest of the spec.
When all’s said and done the Gpad looks like a good little device and the 900 Yuan price tag almost makes up for the terrible colours.

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