Gooapple 3G Ultimate iPhone 4 Clone: 4 Pages of Everything you Need To Know!

UPDATE: Read part 1 of our GooApple 3G Vs. iPhone 4 Showdown here.
As we mentioned above the tweaking hasn’t stopped there, and there is now a third generation GooAppple on the market, and is features some excellent features!

gooapple 3g china
The latest 3G Gooapple is by far the best!

The CPU is an upgraded 600mhz Qualcomm unit, which still does fairly well playing the latest Android games despite the relatively slow speed. The GooApple can now handle 3G, and has had it’s named changed as such, GooApple 3G.

gooapple apple google ripoff china
The Gooapple takes a bite out of Apple!

Strangely the front facing camera has been  replaced with a fake unit.?! But to make up for the loss of camera the makers have crammed in an excellent Android 2.2 OS with full iOS makeover!
Just check out the video below, if you saw one in the street we bet you would have trouble telling the real from the fake!:

The latest 3G GooApple should be on sale later this month at an estimated 1500 Yuan ($232) which is a damn sight less than the real iPhone 4, which it mimics so well!

gooapple 3g review where to buy
Top quality iPhone 4 clone!

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