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Nubia REDMAGIC 7 series with an under-display camera released

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Top 10 chargers that 80 million new iPhone users opt for

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Nubia Red Magic 3S with SD855+ & 5000 mAh battery released for 2999 yuan ($420)

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nubia z11 max launch

Coming to the Watercube in Beijing is the latest addition to the Nubia smartphone range, the Z11 Max.

nubia z11 mini review

With promising first impressions, and a good camera review already under it’s belt, how does the Nubia Z11 Mini impress in our full review?

Seems like the huge phablets are still the flavour of the season especially on the asian markets and the recent change of many major players …

360 n4

Nubia might not get as much media attention as Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo or even Meizu, but they can kick up a real fuss when they choose too.

nubia Z11 mini launch

Nubia’s newest phone of the year is here, the Nubia Z11 Mini just launched moments ago with a Snapdragon 617 and some interesting camera features take a look.

ZTE’s Nubia seem to be in full form these days. The brand already has a launch or two scheduled for this month, but despite that it seems as though the interest in the brand’s product is roaring.

nubia z11 mini launch date

April has been a great month for Chinese phone releases and it isn’t about to end as Nubia have also announced that their newest Z …

nubia z11 mini teaser

Nubia’s next teaser is out for their 19th April launch and points at a phone with slim, compact body small enough to fit in a wallet.

nubia z11 mini

A new device found on the TENAA database could be the mini version of the Z11 flagship phone due to launch this year.

nubia my prague s

ZTE’s Nubia brand launches their newest addition to the My Prague range today, keep reading for full details of the Nubia My Prague S.

nubia my prague s

So much for a flagship Nubia Z11 launch on the 18th, instead it seems we will see the release of another mid-range Prague model instead.

ZTE’s Nubia X8 is due for a launch soon, however this leak gives us a peak at what the phone could be like.

Antutu Shootout: LeTV Le Max vs OnePlus 2 vs Meizu MX5

It would take all day if we were asked to name each and every Chinese smartphone manufacturer, but we can narrow that down by listing just a few that looking promising for 2016.

Nubia’s first trip to CES has also marked the launch of their new global website, plus plans to launch in more countries around the world is planned.

nubia z11

ZTE are rumoured to be working on a Nubia flagship model for China and international markets. The Nubia Z11 could launch in China and the …

nubia z11

While it is Xiaomi’s Mi5 and the upcoming release from Vivo that is grabbing the attention of the media, it’s the latest Nubia Z11 which …

nubia z9

While we still wait for word of the Zubia X8, ZTE release a special edition Nubia Z9 to celebrate Nubia’s 3rd anniversary.

xiaomi launch october

This month is exciting, not because of all the candy I can eat on Halloween, but because there are at least 5 high-profile launches going on. Here are 5 Chinese launches to keep an eye on this month.

It’s not just about Meizu today, ZTE also took to the stage in Beijing and launch 3 new models of ZTE V3 all with alloy bodies with a low starting price of $160!

The new Nubia power bank comes with fast-charge and a large variety of color options for you to choose from!