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By the looks of all the recent leaks of the iPhone 5C, Apple haven’t just made cuts the the manufacturing of the phone, but also spent significantly less on trying to keep it a secret!

Finally the Neo N003 has gone on (limited) release across China, and is now showing up on sale on some online resellers.

Over the past few months we have worked closely with a number of online resellers to bring discount codes to GizChina readers, it has become so popular we have decided to make it a permanent feature of the site.

Online store Oppomart are holding a great giveaway with the prize being a limited edition red Oppo Find 5!

Beijing based Xiaomi look to be readying a Xiaomi laptop after purported packaging photos appear online.

Although the UMi X2 did launch in very limited numbers this month (just 50pc) most hopeful customers are still waiting for the full launch of the phone, but if you just can’t wait any longer we think we might have found the perfect alternative!

The MeituKiss (which we reported on a few days ago) launched yesterday in typical China phone style with a online pre-order, however a full launch is just weeks away.

Before ordering a shiny new pair of Dr. Dre Beats headphones from China you had better check they are the real deal as knock-off versions are showing up online from as little as $3!

The Xiaomi ‘Red Rice’ has been popping up online for months now, but it finally looks like the budget Android phone will be making an appearance.

The hugely popular UMi website and forum were offline all day yesterday for an upgrade. It’s now back online, with an English site on it’s way!

JiaYu contacted us concerned that customers may be scammed by fake resellers. Here is the official list of JiaYu distributors for around the globe!

It’s not often that we write about Android tablets here, but when we get wind of a new Ainol tablet like the Novo 7 Crystal, …

THL are one of the larger Android smartphone makers in China, and their flagship THL W8 is now available for international buyers to purchase online. …

China Telecom have been spoiling more Xiaomi surprises today by listing the still unannounced Xiaomi M2s on their online store with complete specifications and pricing! …

Reports are coming in from concerned JiaYu fans over a possible JiaYu G4 delay! So what is going on and when will the JiaYu G4 finally launch?

If you see the IOCO S1000 listed online, you will want to read this article very carefully to make sure you get exactly what you expect as their are two versions with the same name but very different specifications!

One worry many of us have when ordering a phone online is if it will arrive in one piece or not. Looks like those of you ordering a JiaYu G4 don’t have to worry to much as the packaging looks super tough!

Xiaomi are working on launching their next generation phone, and rumours, leaks and now discovered accessory listings suggest the new phone could be named the …

We’ve covered counterfeit Xiaomi phones on a number of occasions, and have been surprised by the authenticity of a few. I’ve always wondered though if these clone makers ever get caught and judging by these photos they do

Today is the day many of us have been waiting for, the date the Oppo Find 5 goes on sale, but it seems to many …