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New flexible electrode could mean the end of smashed screen

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Students at the University of Akron claim to have developed a new flexible material that could mean the end of cracked displays.

Lava Mobile Quietly Announces Two Super Budget Phones

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Indian manufacturer Lava mobile has announced two budget phones. The Lava Iris 300 style and the Lava 3G 412.

The Octa-Core CTVE A580 Debuts At Computex

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CTVE A850 Front

The Octacore CTVE A580 has the specs of a mid level device, but it is trying its best not to look like one.

PiPO Released T5, A 6.95 Inch Budget Tablet, Phone

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The PiPO T5 hasa 6.95 inch display, can make phone calls and only costs around USD $80.

Rockchip RK3288 powered tablet scores over 40,000 in Antutu

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rockchip rk3288 antutu

We all know that benchmarks and real world performance don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but when something manages to raise the bar like the new Rochip RK3288 people tend to take notice.


Vivo Xshot Launches On The 10th

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Vivo Xshot header

The camera centric Vivo Xshot will launch on Tuesday, June 10th in two distinct versions.

Xiaomi Redmi Note prices drop below $200

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redmi note

Xiaomi Redmi Note prices take a slight drop meaning the advanced version of the phone can be bought for less than $200.

Nova Launcher brings “OK Google” to all Jelly Bean devices

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nova launcher

Nova Launcher, the popular 3rd party launcher of Android phones, has now been update with Google Hotword support.

Win the chance to review the OnePlus One with

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oneplus one

Out Italian site,, has managed to get hold of a 16GB OnePlus One and are offering it up for grabs in a FREE to enter giveaway.

Huawei launches Ascend, Honor and Mediapad ranges in Singapore

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huawei honor singapore

Huawei have released their range of affordable phones and phablets from the Honor, Ascend and Mediapad ranges in Singapore.

Cube bring on the babes with Cube Talk 9X launch

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cube talk 9x babes

Cube employ the aid of sexy models to help promote the latest in the line of Cube Talk 9X tablets with 2K display, 2Ghz 8-core and built in 3G.

OnePlus Auctioning Invites For Charity

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oneplus invite system

Want to donate some money for a good cause, get a OnePlus One and have fourteen friends that want a OnePlus One? Well, OnePlus might just have the promotion for your extremely specific needs.

Nubia Z7 Flagship could launch 7th June

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nubia z7 leaked

ZTE’s Nubia brand are revealing in the success of the Nubia Z6 launch and to celebrate could be lining up the launch of the new flagship Nubia Z7 early next month in Beijing.

Xiaomi MiPad Tablet will get a beta price of just 1 Yuan!

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xiaomi mipad tablet

Seems Xiaomi are going to be making their Android Xiaomi MiPad tablet available at a special beta price of just 1 Yuan in China (that’s about 16 cents!).

Budget Version Of HONPhone H1, The H01 Revealed

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HonPhone H01

A new version of the HONPhone H1 has been revealed. The significantly cheaper HONPhone H01 ditches metal for plastic and downgrades the camera, but keeps the beefy internals.

Leaked ZTE phone specs show LTE Mediatek processor

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zte lte phone

Today on Weibo, sources close to ZTE leaked detail of a new ZTE phone running the much anticipated octaocre Mediatek processor with 4G LTE support.

Trendy Style L12S, budget smart bracelet goes on sale

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trendy style smartwatch

Designed as futuristic looking smart bracelet with OLED display, the Trendy Style L12S is a $30 wearable on sale now.

Oppo N1 Mini photos leaked showing two colour options

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oppo n1 mini leaked

Oppo have confirmed that they will be launching the Oppo N1 Mini on Friday, but they just can’t keep the device a surprise as more leaked photos turn up online.

Ansmart Swatch is a Galaxy Gear alternative for use with any smartphone

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ansmart smartwatch

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watches are great if you have a Samsung device, if not then check out this universal alternative smart watch from Ansmart.

Shallots X1+ gets octacore processor and waterproof coating

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shallot x1+

On the 29th of May, Shallots will be releasing the X1+ featuring the same thin body as the regular X1 with the addition of a waterproof coating.