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Shanzhai 13.3-inch Sony Vaio Laptop

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shanzhai sony vaio 13.3

Although we really do love seeing all these glossy black (and white) Android tablets heading for the shelves it makes a really nice change to see a good old laptop know and again!

Intel’s Oak Trail Has Found Fans With Chinese Manufactures

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intel oak trail devices planned

Intel launched it’s new range of Atom processors yesterday called Oak Trail. This the latest version of the popular CPU has been specially designed to increase battery life while at the same time improving video, Flash and gaming performance.

12 Inch Sony Vaio Clone For $215

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We really liking this sudden surge of Shanzhai laptops and netbooks! Yesterday we had a 14 inch laptop with a secondary battery, DVD burner and super low price tag grace our pages and today it’s the turn of this hot pink 12 inch model. From the outside this little pink number looks a little like […]

Another Super Cheap VAIO Style Laptop Clone

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After the constant bombardment of Apple rumors or Android tablet news, It’s a refreshing change to post some news about a laptop for a change. Due to the popularity of Android tablets and the seeming demise of netbooks, laptop computers, at least the super cheap Shanzhai variety, have been moved to the back burner of […]

Lenovo Ready To Pounce On Web TV

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Lenovo are continuing it’s strategy to diversify it’s range of consumer electronics products away from just laptops and PC’s and have already launched a rival to the iPhone the Android based LePhone and are taking orders for the LePad Android tablet. Lenovo are worried by the current tread with Chinese consumers which lead to a […]

Coastar Windows Tablet: The Start Of The Windows Tablet Assault

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Just like public transport buses, we have been waiting around in the cold for days! Months even! For the Windows tablet makers to build up some momentum with only the odd one trundling through. Now, of all a sudden all the Windows tablets turn up at once! We reported on a dual boot Windows/Android tablet […]

10 inch Wopad Android Tablet Hits The Market

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With news of big companies like Motorola, LG and HTC making a splash in the Android tablet market place, it’s been easy to get a bit mixed up in the excitement and forget about the lesser known Chinese tablets available. China was and still is the place to go if you want a budget Android […]

Nokia N97 Styled Netbook

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Chinese gadgets are getting more and more inventive and this netbook from Shenzhen -Minbo is a perfect example. Known as the L73 the Atom N455 equipped netbook looks a lot like a tablet PC when closed, but once opened up takes on a Nokia N97 look.

Return Of The Vaio P Clones

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We had a bit of a Vaio P cloneathon last year, but with the rise of Android tablets we’ve not  seen much of the little netbook clone over the past few months, until today that is. The popularity of tablets over the year has forced netbook makers to lower their prices by a considerable amount. […]

New Macbook Pros Launch in 2 Days With Huge Trackpad and Dual Hard Drives!

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Rumor has it that the long over due Macboook Pro update will be ready for sale in just 2 days, which coincedentally also happens to be Steve Jobs’ birthday. Stores all over the U.S have reportedly already received their shipments of the new Macbook Pro, but have been warned that if they are to open […]

Lenovo LePad Pre-order and Pricing!

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Lenovo have had a great year! The Chinese PC maker, and 4th largest in the world have just posted a 25% increase in profits for 2010 and to celebrate have finally announced they plan to launch the Android powered LePad! More details after the jump!

Lenovo Banks On Tablet Market

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Lenovo are so sure of the tablet market’s continued growth that the Beijing based company has set up a special tablet division to design and manufacturer the devices.

Chinese Made Netbook Tablet Hybrids Expected To Launch This Year

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At CES this year the much awaited Lenovo IdeaPad hybrid netbook tablet was shown off once again to the eager crowds. The little netbook acts as a Windows 7 netbook when combined with the screen, but when separated the screen acts a stand alone Android tablet. The concept is awesome, but the estimated price is […]

Exclusive: Sneaky Spy Pic Of Herokin’s New Tablet

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Herokin are a well established maker of tablets of both Windows and Android ilk, and are most famous for their Winpad 10 inch capacitive Window’s running tablet with netbook innards, however they now have this very smart looking 8 inch tablet up their sleeves.

It’s Been a Long Time Coming: IBM’s ThinkPad Gets Knocked Off

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Considering how long the IBM ThinkPad range of laptop computers have been around for, we’re pretty surprised it’s taken this long for a clone to pop up.

Asus Reveal 10 Inch Transforming Tablet Running Honeycomb

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Asus has just revealed details of it’s forth coming transformable Android tablet running Honeycomb 3.0. The 10 inch device is a little thick at 16.7 mm but it does pack a a keyboard, 10 inch IPS touch screen and dual cameras, the front camera being a 1.2 mega-pixel unit and the rear a 5 mega-pixel.

Google Chrome CR-48 Hack To Run Ubuntu

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It hasn’t taken the hackers long to get bored of the Web only Google Chrome OS installed on the CR-48 Laptops, and replace it with a Linux system instead!

Lenovo LePad Finally Leaks Out

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It’s been a while since the LePad last reared its transforming tablet face, but here it is again. Looking like a giant 10.1 inch iPhone 3gs stuck in to a laptop was obviously the look Lenovo aimed for and they’ve really pulled it off (the jury is still out on if that’s good or not!) […]

Didn’t Get a Chrome CR-48? Then Buy One!

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Just yesterday I was chatting to a workmate about Google pilot program for the Chrome powered CR-48 netbook. ‘Why not try and get one’ I said ‘If you don’t qualify I bet they’ll have one for sale on Taobao soon enough’ I joked. Look what I found today!

Exclusive: Leaked Images Reveal Ubuntu Powered Tablet

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Merry Christmas Linux and Open source fans! A new Linux powered tablet is on it’s way! Details and pictures after the jump.