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Gizchina Phone Awards – Best Phones of 2020

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You might soon find that your favourite Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi ships its phones without a charger in the box.

xiaomi piston 3

Xiaomi’s Piston earphones have been a popular accessory for a lot of Chinese phone owners, now an updated version of buds have been released with a new design.

In their latest teaser image, Yu are seen taking a dig at their prime competitors in Xiaomi.

It appears as though Xiaomi’s had enough of the unofficial reseller drama, and is now starting to take legal action against the same.

The uber-slim 5000mAh power bank just went on sale in the Malaysian market. Keep reading for more details!

Xiaomi has been a phenomenon not only in China, but in India as well. Read on to know more.

Xiaomi plans to produce phones in India and Brazil, but there remain greater challenges to tackle before that.

The Xiaomi Mi Router was spotted on an online certification database in Malaysia, which can only mean one thing!

Xiaomi met OnePlus’ flagship phone reveal with three devices of its own, including a new set top box and two new routers.