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The eagerly expected Xiaomi conference on May 10th is getting closer and closer and along the monster Xiaomi Max phone we will also get official …

Xiaomi have finally acknowledged the Mi Max, and revealed the launch date. In fact, MIUI 8 will launch alongside the biggest Xiaomi phone yet!

xiaomi mi5 photo sample

At the Xiaomi Mi5 launch, the company made a big song and dance about the 4 axis OIS, 16 mega-pixel rear camera. So how does the camera perform in the real world?

xiaomi mi5 hands on

After rumours this morning that the Xiaomi Mi5 could support all LTE networks across the EU and US, Xiaomi have updated their Chinese website to show that the real supported bands aren’t as impressive.

Hands on video with the white version of the Xioami Mi5 live from the media preview event in Barcelona.

xiaomi mi5 hands on

Xiaomi Mi5 hands on and first impressions live from the Media Preview event held in Barcelona.

xiaomi mi5 mwc

As you all know, we will be at MWC this year to see all the great new tech on show, plus we have been invited to the Xiaomi Mi5 launch, so what do you hope to see?

miui 7 update

If you are on one of the supported Xiaomi devices eligible for an OTA update then watch our for MIUI 7.1 heading to your device from 5th January.

One of the most exciting features of Xiaomi’s flagship phones is that they always remain at the same 1999 Yuan price tag regardless of updates, but this could all change with the Xiaomi Mi5.

xiaomi redmi note 3 review

Xiaomi go all alloy and add a fingerprint scanner for the first time, so how have they done? Find out in our full Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 review.

The upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5 will most likely mark the return of NFC tech on Xiaomi phones.

xiaomi laptop

The rumour that Xiaomi are working on a laptop have been floating around for almost a year now, now new details have emerged detailing what …

xiaomi miui android 6

Xiaomi owners wanting MIUI based on Android 6 can begin the long wait next week as development for certain phones will begin from then.

xioami mipad 2 teaser

Yesterday’s Xiaomi teaser showed a camera with removable lens and today a razor with removable head. We think we were on to something. While much …

xiaomi mi4c packaging

In just a couple of days time Xiaomi will announce the Xiaomi Mi4c, and may also finally ship the phone in something other than plain recycled cardboard.

xiaomi tablet

Leaks this weekend pointed at the possibility of a dual boot tablet from Xiaomi, now teasers for the Mi Pad 2 could be heading down the same road.

xiaomi mi pad 2 leaked

The original 7.9-inch Mi Pad has been on sale for well over a year already and a new model is well overdue, but could this 9.7-inch leaked Mi Pad 2 be the real deal?

Xiaomi’s newest iteration of its MIUI ROM, i.e., the MIUI 7 is now out. Here are the top features you need to be aware of before flashing the ROM!

xiaomi redmi note 2

Weibo tipster @Kjuma has managed to get photos of the packaging and a view of a working model of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 which he claims runs a Mediatek Helio X10 chip.

xiaomi mi note

A few weeks back I reviewed the Xiaomi Mi Note and gave it a good old thumbs up, but now I am faced with annoying issue.