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oneplus 3 renders

The OnePlus 3 will launch in a little over an hour from now. Keep reading to know how you can make sure you don’t miss a single bit!

Very much like 2015, OnePlus plan to launch their next flagship in a VR launch. But there’s more — keep reading to know!

zte axon 7 teaser

ZTE are really doing the whole teaser thing this time around for the Axon 7, with the latest being a short video showing the phone …

Last year we were speculating about the possibility of the chinese producers catching the VR fever and seems like this year that’s turning into the …

The Meizu VR headset that sparked fire some time back is again here in the form of a leak, raising expectations and hype amongst enthusiasts.

Be ready because this year VR headsets are going to be everywhere in the Chinese tech news, and Aiwear plan to be first with their option in various colours.

aiwear vr headset

Aiwear hope to be a budget option for people wanting a HTC Vibe like experience on a budget.

Xiaomi has proven that it can make decent phones, tablets, and other house gadgets. Is it time for the company to venture into VR and robotics though?

letv super helmet

LeTV have released the full hardware configuration and pricing for it’s first VR headset, its not just an empty plastic box.

LeTV, best known to people outside China as manufacturers of the LeTV S1, have now announced the Super Goggles, i.e., a VR headset with 2K display and more!

OnePlus has announced the availability info for its Google Cardboard alternative, i.e., OnePlus Cardboard.

oneplus 2 launch

The much anticipated OnePlus 2 will be unveiled on Monday the 27th July in a virtual reality launch allowing fans from around the world get up close and personal with the new phone and team.

As we speculated over the weekend, Oppo’s VR goggles have been sent out to Chinese media as part of the companies invitation to the Oppo N3 launch.

oppo vr goggles

VR Goggles are something which we have seen companies dabble in over the past few months with ideas ranging from DIY cardboard options to this Oppo headset.

google cardboard

Google’s super affordable DIY virtual reality kit has been cloned by Chinese resellers offering the kit for under $10!

LG’s upcoming ‘Odin’ 8 core SoC gets benchmarked on AnTuTu, promises performance equal to or better than Samsung’s Exynos 5410!

More details of the Mediatek true 8-core processor have been announced including details of claimed speeds and the GPU it will run.