ZoPhone iPhone 5 Clone Goes On Sale! Details and where to order

ZoPhone the company behind this ‘high imitation’ iPhone 5 clone have begun to accept pre orders for the device through their website. Keep reading for ZoPhone iPhone 5 specification and pricing.

ZoPhone have announced through their website that their excellent looking MT6577 dual-core iPhone 5 clone is now available for pre-order with the official release date expected to be late October early November.

From the official ZoPhone iPhone 5 clone reservation page I get the feeling that many of the details of the new phone have yet to be confirmed, for example the expected retail price is between $200 – $300!

zophone iphone 5 clone on sale in china where to buy

Specification seems to have been sorted though and reads very much like any high performance, low-cost Chinese phone you can find on the web now, only with a 7.6 mm iPhone 5 clone body.

A MediaTek MT6577 dual-core CPU comes equipped in the ZoPhone along with 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM and there is room for an SD card so you can boost storage. The rear camera is an 8 mega-pixel unit while the front has yet to be confirmed.

Like the real iPhone 5 the ZoPhone iPhone 5 clone will have a 4 inch retina display boasting a resolution of 1136 x 640!

The battery is now rumoured to be a 1400mAh unit due to size limitations of the body, earlier reports suggested a 2000mAh battery would be on board.

zophone iphone 5 clone android china

It seems like we have quite a wait fot the new ZoPhone phone and in the meantime we are still expecting to hear news of the GooPhone i5 with quad-core Tegra 3 CPU but if you are in the market for an iPhone 5 knock off, running Android then this is the perfect time to be looking for one!

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FYI we are expecting to get a Hero 2000+ iPhone 5 clone for review in the next few days and will post details as soon as possible.

Are you guy’s interested in iPhone 5 clones or do you prefer unique Chinese phones?


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