This Week on GizChina – LG G7 ThinQ, ASUS ZenFone LIVE L1 & More

This Week on GizChina

A bit of a slow week as far as smartphone launches go, except for a few cases. Nonetheless, we always have rumors and leaks coming from China regarding upcoming phones in the horizon. So, if you’ve had a busy week, keep reading to find out what you might have missed!

This Week on GizChina


There’s no week without either a Xiaomi launch or leaks & rumors about an upcoming release, this time is the latter. In the past seven days we’ve indeed been hearing a lot about the next Xiaomi Mi 7 flagship with its leaked tempered glass screen protector, leaked pricing and rumored launch date. Also from Xiaomi, an unveiled “S” named phone is expected to drop in the next weeks.



This week we haven’t heard from Huawei as far as smartphones go, but the company did get some international recognition for their work on AI (artificial intelligente). The Chinese phone maker is, in fact, at the 12th place in the top twenty list. This means that according to Compass Intelligence, Huawei has been one of the leading companies in AI technology worldwide for the past three years.


Asus logo

ASUS has been quite active in the past two weeks. The tech giant did indeed just release a new phone after the well received ZenFone MAX PRO M1, we’re talking about the ASUS ZenFone LIVE L1; click here to read more about it.



360 Sweeping Robot

360 Mobiles has been teasing the upcoming N7 for quite a while now. The latest rumors suggest the smartphone will pack a powerful MediaTek Helio P60 CPU along with a 4280mAh battery and a quite advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) for a smooth user experience.


After a quite long period under the radar, LG is back with a very interesting phone – the LG G7 ThinQ. The handset comes with all the hardware you’d expect to find on a flagship, including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 CPU, 6.1-inch 3120×1440 display and an IP68 & MIL-STD 810G rating. Read more about it on our launch coverage article.

GizPoll of The Week

In our last week poll, the 76% of you guys voted that you’d rather buy a new phone if you have the chance, meanwhile 14% answered that it’s complicated and depends on the smartphone. This time around we instead want to know: Battery Capacity Vs Phone Thickness: Which Will You Sacrifice? Visit this page here to vote and leave a comment!


If you like reading reviews of all kind of tech gadgets then you’re in the right place. This week our trusty reviewers have checked out the Koolnee K1 Trio, the Oukitel K5 and a product that differs from our usual coverage: a gaming mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting – the Zebronics Max Pro.

This Week on GizChina

This Week on GizChina

So, did you find any news you had missed throughout the week? If that’s so, let us know by dropping a comment below.

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