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Nothing Phone (1), Is It Worth The Hype?

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Most of these iPad clones aren’t very good, could the HaiPad be any better?!

The latest iPhone 4 clone out of China runs Windows 6.5 on a Marvell 460Mh/z CPU

Last I heard the Spiderman franchise was dead, caput, no more! And after 3 rather long and boring movies featuring the weedy Toby Maguire as …

The latest in a vast array of Apple forgery is here and it’s taken shape as a sort of iPhone/iPad hybrid, at least on the …

This is a new section I just decided to write up. Every week or so we’ll post information and photos of a few cloned phones …

I really hope this little 3 inch screened media player is pronounced “I nol” like the Chinese word for love 爱, if not this little fella is going to get one hell of a rough time in the play ground and after school.

China is a wash with cloned laptops, netbooks, phones and tablet devices. Pretty much anything that is of interest to a larger audience get’s the …

This mysterious bending screen recently appeared in the Tech channel ot China’s Youku video sharing site. The video shows what seems to be a prototype/pre …

Hanvon recently revealed there Touchpad at the Qingdao stop of the Chinese Electronics Fair. They seem fairly confident that their 10 inch touch screen tablet …

The Winpad has ‘Win’ written all over it and has the iPad firmly in its sites!

Another Dell Adamo clone goes on sale. This time without Dell branding, but instead in a range of colors. Expect price to be around the 2000RMB mark.

With the market saturated with knock off Macbook Air’s, Kai Sheng Tech. have decided it’s high time to copy the Macbook Pro!

An online Chinese phone store claims to have the 4th generation iPhone for sale now!!

Our first introduction of many iMac clones available in China. Let’s just say we’re saving the best till last!

Possible concept pictures and spec of the 4th generation iPhone 4G

iPhone 4G clones are already available in China. Is this what the next generation iPhone will look like?

What costs $51, packs a 8 megapixel camera, looks like a iPhone Nano and reminds us of the Spice Girls? An iPhone Nano Wannabe of course!

Ordro’s new Burberry styled HD video camera is not only super fashionable but also amazingly well priced!

Shenzhen Great Long Brothers claimed that Apple had copied their P88 tablet when the iPad launched and threatened legal action. Now they stooped so low they’re copying Mac OSX’s look and installing it on their iPad clone!

Back in the 80’s hordes of yuppies wandered the busy streets wearing 3/4 length sleeve jackets and piano ties. Ghastly orange band headphones, with crappy …