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xiaomi mi5 hands on

Xiaomi Mi5 hands on and first impressions live from the Media Preview event held in Barcelona.

xiaomi mi5 volte screenshot

Xiaomi boss Lei Jun has posted another screenshot from his Xiaomi Mi5 sample showing the phone will feature VoLTE.

xiaomi mi5 specs leaked

Yesterday the big news was that someone had leaked purported slides from the Xiaomi Mi5 launch, Xiaomi staff have taken to Weibo to discuss them revealing that they aren’t the real thing.

xiaomi mi5 specs leaked

The Xiaomi Mi5 will get a 5.2-inch display, SD card, dual SIM and NFC according to new leaks plus a 26 mega-pixel F1.6 rear camera!

xiaomi mi5 mwc

6 days from now we will know the official specs of the Xiaomi Mi5, but tipsters are adamant that we shouldn’t have to wait that long with the release of the full specs.

Xiaomi mi 5 leak

At least one variant of the Xiaomi Mi 5 will have a glossy rear. And here it is!

xiaomi mi5 packaging

Mr blurry cam is back with more leaks this time with purported images of the Xiaomi Mi5 packaging which include a image of the new flagship.

xiaomi mi5 mwc

Xiaomi have confirmed that their latest Xiaomi Mi5 flagship will be at Mobile World Congress on the 24th Feb.

xiaomi mi5 leak

What better way to start the week than an all new purported leak of the hotly anticipated Xiaomi Mi5.

xiaomi mi5 launch

Xiaomi have confirmed that they will be launching their flagship Xiaomi Mi5 on the 24th Feb!

xiaomi mi5 rear leaked

Another leak showing a purported Xiaomi Mi5 design, but this time its the rear of the phone that we see with fingerprint scanner and laser focus.

xiaomi mi5

After reports yesterday that Xiaomi would release a curved display version of the Xiaomi Mi5 a purported leaked photo of the phone has made it online.

xiaomi mi5

Almost a year ago Samsung announced two versions of the S6, and now rumours say Xiaomi could be going down a similar route with the Xiaomi Mi5.

xiaomi mi5 leak

The Xiaomi Mi5 has been spotted in the wild and a keen eye’d Weibo user has been quick to snap images and post them online. Take a look.

xiaomi mi5 leaked

With LeTV officially launching their Snapdragon 820 phone, it comes as no surprise that Xiaomi have been making noises about the Xiaomi Mi5 and when we can expect to see it.

One of the most exciting features of Xiaomi’s flagship phones is that they always remain at the same 1999 Yuan price tag regardless of updates, but this could all change with the Xiaomi Mi5.

xiaomi mi5

With the Snapdragon 820 finally official, all eye are on China for the first SD820 powered phones. We all have our favourites at who could be first, but have Xiaomi beat everyone to the finish?

leaked Chinese phone what is it

Posted today by @Kjuma is a photo of an unamed phone with the comment “Guess the phone”. A few ideas have sprung to my mind but which mobile device do you think has been spied?

xiaomi India

If the idea of a Xiaomi Mi4s, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 2 Pro and Xiaomi Mi5 sound good to you then check out this purported leaked Xiaomi roadmap.

With Xiaomi already having the Mi Note in their range it would seem they wouldn’t need another large screen flagship, but that isn’t what insiders are claiming.