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4 Reasons why Android is a Better Choice than iOS

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Best 5 Alternative Phones to the iPhone 15 Pro Max

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iPad Keeps Turning On and Off: 9 Proven Ways

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The first reports of Apple slowing down the old models of iPhones, respectively iPhone 6 and 7 lineups, appeared in the last week. In that …

Last week, Apple’s HomeKit for shared users was temporarily shut down as a result of a nasty vulnerability which permits unauthorized access in some situations. Now, Apple has released iOS …

American multinational technology company (Apple) recently released the usage details of the different iOS versions. The result shows that the current iOS 11 is the …

Finally, Microsoft Edge, a web browser developed by Microsoft is out of private beta testing and currently available for iOS and Android devices. Users can now go …

A current survey by app analytics platform, App Annie, shows that in the third quarter of 2017, over 26 billion apps were downloaded by Android and iOS …

About a month ago, Samsung released the Gear Fit2 Pro at the IFA conference was held in Berlin, Germany.  At launch, it was announced that this …

xiaomi mi headphone review

The big controversy in the iPhone camp is that the iPhone 7 will not feature a 3.5mm headphone jack, we have seen it before on Android devices, but are we likely to see more in 2016?

ipad pro leaked

Purported leaked images of an Apple iPad Pro have been shared along with details of a quad speaker arrangement and stylus.

huawei watch ios

Yesterday we reported that the Huawei Watch had appeared on Amazon, and further details point at iOS support.

miband ios

Xiaomi’s low-cost Mi Band sports tracker is getting is getting an iOS compatible app and a new range mate, a more expensive smartwatch. is a web based NES emulator that can be used with any iPhone or Android phone (oddly enough, it didn’t see my Nexus 7 as a “mobile device”).

Looks like its not only China’s govt. backed COS that’s aiming to bring down the Android and iOS duopoly. The WIP project, Tizen seems to be up to the task as well.

A few days ago we posted news that China is planning to release it’s own homemade mobile operating system called COS. This leaked photo could be of the first phone to run it!

After surprising us with low-cost, high-performance hardware in the recent years, China now seems to have another trick up its sleeve — the COS operating system.

GooPhone are launching another wearable device to be used in conjunction with your Android smartphone, a wearable sports wristband with small display.

My brother is a long time iPhone users, and although he still likes Apple products he had started to see he light and realised that (for phones) Android is the way to go. This weekend I helped my brother buy a new Android phone, this is what he bought!

Meeting someone new isn’t always easy. Once the forced social interaction of school is over it can be difficult to find someone who shares the …

We go hands on with the GooPhone i5C, a $120 Android powered iPhone 5C clone from China.

Apple’s poor handling of next generation hardware has given domestic brands a head start enabling them to produce similar Android products and launch them before the iOS models are available.

One of the most iconic parts of any iOS device is the physical home button, but for the iPhone 5S we might be in for a redesign.