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Google Android Chrome OS

Google runs two operating systems, Android for mobile devices and Chrome OS for laptops and at the moment there is no unified advanced ecosystem. It …

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In the past few hours, the Chrome OS team has launched the version 72 of the operating system, bringing Android 9 Pie support on other …

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After Acer announced it’s first Chrome OS tablet (Tab 10), Asus has become the latest to tread the same path with its own first budget Chrome …

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Google’s ChromeOS has always been a very awkward system which is far behind Android. However, it is quite popular in some sectors with good price/performance …

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Chuwi LapBook SE

Chuwi LapBook SE is one of the best affordable chinese laptops out there and is already selling quite well for a while. Of course it’s …

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Ideapad 100S Chromebook

While Samsung is busy dissing Apple before their Galaxy Note 9 launch, Google is not far behind. The tech behemoth posted an ad on YouTube …

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Acer has announced it’s newest budget device — the Chromebook 11 with a starting price of just $179.

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The Chrome OS is a lightweight OS designed for web consumption mainly, but native Android app support is something that could take it a notch above.

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MediaTek and Rockchip are two of the most popular chipset makers from China, and according to reports, both could soon be powering Chrome OS devices.

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